Break de week 29-10-2014

club sandwich In deze nieuwe Break de week onder meer een nieuwe lunchlocatie in Groningen, een sportieve tip en meer! [Lees meer...]

We have a guest blogger: Katja!

[English] Yes, we are very happy to introduce you all to our guest blogger Katja! She is all about vegan food and we hope you’ll enjoy her stories…

My name is Katja, I’m 25 years old and I very much enjoy cooking and eating delicious food. I grew up eating food that was not only very yummy, but also very healthy. My mom is an amazing cook who can transform fresh and healthy whole foods to a very scrumptious meal. As my parents are very anti-McDonalds, I had a fast food-free childhood. I know that when my brother and I were children, his friends used to find it very odd that his all-time favorite meal was pasta with zucchini sauce, not pizza, burgers or fries…. [Lees meer...]

Onze gastblogger Katja: even voorstellen!

Jaja, op Twitter en facebook lieten we jullie al weten dat we in contact zijn met een potentiële gastblogger….. Nou het is zover hoor, we stellen jullie graag aan Katja voor!  [Lees meer...]