Our 5 favourite spots in Groningen!

Sometimes it feels like we can’t keep up with all the new spots for food and drinks opening their doors in Groningen. We try to update our Groningen cityguide as often as possible. So if you are visiting our city, don’t forget to check our guide. And, our #IloveGroningen tag also contains a lot of information about Groningen. Not only from our perspective, but also from other online influencers. So you’ll get a lot of interesting and diverse views of the city. In this article we tell you all about which 5 things in Groningen you should not skip!

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Outfit of the day #7

In the Netherlands Summer has arrived and we already had some sunny days, yay! Hopefully a lot more Summer days will follow. I love it, the sun and the warmth. On hot days I like to wear airy clothes. Like the trousers in this blogpost for example. This time we share an OOTD post again: a mix of fair fashion, a piece of clothing we don’t know how it’s produced and shoes with a questionable reputation according to fair and sustainable Dutch ranking site Rankabrand. Besides comfortable clothes, hot summer days are also the perfect excuse for Janet to go all out on lots of ice cream. That, and a sweet treat is what she tried at Strawberry, a new spot in Groningen.

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Green shopping in Hannover, Germany

Hannover green shopping blogpost adresses

When we arranged to visit Hannover in Germany, we did some quick research online and we concluded this could be a green shopping heaven possibly. Not only did we have a number of vintage shops to visit but also quite a large list with shops that sell fair trade and organic sustainable fashion. Yay! Not that we were planning on spending a lot of money on clothes, but still… we did have some green fashion wishes on both our lists for summer. Curious to find out what kind of shops Hannover has to offer?  [Read more…]

Do you take responsibility for the choices you make about your life?

borabora2 blogpost art of non conformity NSS photo ACBouwmeester

Recently I read ‘The art of non-conformity’ by American author and blogger Chris Guillebeau. By using his own ‘travel hacks’ he managed to visit all 193 countries in the world (yes, 193!). About that and other unconventional strategies to design your own life and work he started a blog a couple of years ago. Chris wants to show you how you can think outside the box and start living your desired life quite easily. But if you want to do that, you have to be willing to set priorities. And make choices. Your own choices. Why do we often so blindly follow the road paved by so many footsteps? We never really think about if we actually want to buy a house, everyone does it so we ‘have to’ as well (even though renting might be a far better option). Why did we choose our career the way we did? Why do we work in the job we are in now? Chris shows you how you can create a life as you desire and not a life that is expected of you. And prepare yourself, you will have to work against some opposition! People generally do not like it if someone leaves the beaten track, if someone chooses to be different. In this article I share 3 tips from the book to make it easier to follow your own path and live your dream life.  [Read more…]

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