Veggie and vintage in Athens

startfoto vega eten Athene

Last year my mom and I went to Porto for a few days and it was great. So when she suggested we’d go on another trip together I immediately said yes and searched online for budget destinations. I always thought Athens is far far away from The Netherlands. When I discovered it’s only a 3 hours flight, my mom and I booked a trip to this ancient city right away. In this 1st blog about Athens you can read about where to go for great veggie food.

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Is the whole world obsessed with food, or is it just me?

is de hele wereld geobsedeerd door eten of alleen ik

In the first blog I wrote about ‘My food addiction’, I told you about my eating habits and my weight gain. My obsession with good food seemed to be growing as rapidly as my weight did. In real life I fastly became a ‘foodie’ from the moment I learned how to cook. We founded Not so stuffy – also for a big part about good food – and we started with social media (with lots of food photos and (sweet) baking assignments. My pile of cookbooks kept growing and I started a home study to become a nutritionist. Oh yes… [Read more…]

Vintage in Athens, Greece

Vintage in Athens (Greece) Conceptstore startfoto Athene
Vintage in Athens, Greece? I had no clue Athens (the capital of Greece) has so much to offer. 5 days wasn’t enough to see and do everything that was on my list. While preparing for this trip and searching online for useful info about Athens, I didn’t look for vintage clothing stores though, because I just assumed there weren’t any in this city. Imagine my surprise when my mom and I bumped into the Concept Store Art & Industry, I couldn’t resist checking it out!

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Breakdeweek 27-4-2016

BDW 27april2016Last Sunday we went for a wildpick walk in Nieuw-Annerveen, Drenthe: we thought in April the weather would be ok, but we guessed wrong. Lots of cold wind, rain and hail…brrr… But despite the weather we had lots of fun! We will share more about this adventure soon. First it’s time for some tips for activities in and nearby our lovely hometown Groningen. [Read more…]

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