Breakdeweek, 26-10-2016

bdw-tomorrow-demain-de-filmTime for a brand new edition of Breakdeweek. We are still kind of living in a vegan whirl, while we ourselves aren’t even vegans. We both eat as much plantbased as we can and most we often choose to order vegan dishes in restaurants, also to raise awareness. We should all consume a lot less animal products for our amazing Earth to survive longterm. The meatfree living promotion ends here ;-) We have some really good tips and events for you this week!  [Read more…]

Vegan supermarket Groningen

vegan supermarkt groningenLast Thursday, the 20th of October 2016, the day was finally here that the long awaited Vegan supermarket Groningen was going to open its doors to the public. All of vegan (and almost vegan) Groningen ran or biked to the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat to check the assortment of the Vegan Super. The famous Dutch cream sandwiches had to be tested, pizza’s tried, the new flavour of Professor Grunschnable icecream ‘speculoos’ tasted and the peanutbutter with banana-chili or coffee-salt taste bought. Tuesday night we were at the pre opening for bloggers and we were asked not to post any pictures yet. The paper would go down from the windows at the last minute before opening to the public to keep everything a surprise. Exciting!  [Read more…]

An intense happy day!


Last Sunday I experienced such happiness. You know the feeling? A day with only happy thoughts, happy moments and lots of joy? Last Sunday was a day like that and I felt so lucky! The cause of all that joy? I don’t have a clue, nothing in particular I guess. Nothing big happened, just small things which brought on that happy vibe.

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More of our favourite blogs!


In the first edition of ‘Our favourite blogs’ Anneloes chose a few of her favourite blogs to pay special attention to. This time I get to choose 4 of my favourite ones. Usually I check Bloglovin’ about twice a week, to follow all of my favourite ones under the Not so stuffy-account. To be honest; if there was no such thing as Bloglovin’ I would probably only follow maybe two or three blogs because I forget about most of them. Now it’s lot more than that but on most blogs I only care about one or two themes and do not read everything that is posted. For instance, I’m very into green and sustainable living but I do not like reading about those kinds of subjects. I would much rather read one of Nina’s blogs instead…  [Read more…]

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