Zutphen through our eyes

startfoto-zutphen-straatbeeld-mei2016A lovely sunny September, but May was already sunny too, remember? We decided to go on a daytrip in The Netherlands on one of these sunny days in May: Zutphen was our destination, because it has been high on our list for cities to discover in our own country for quite some time. And we had NS train tickets on a budget, so first class on our way to Zutphen it was!

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The concious look


Since I was 16 years old, I’m a real shopaholic (and I loved the books!). If I could I would have gone shopping every day. I always wanted a new outfit to wear when going out on Friday and Saturday nights. I used to buy tons of tops at Hennes & Mauritz and I hardly ever looked the same. When I was 21 I had three  jobs next to my Communication studies just so I could buy more clothes. How ridiculous is that? 

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Bloggers in the spotlight

Despite my long weekends (one of the perks of a 24 hour workweek) time flies most of the time. This weekend too. I started my Sunday with a nice workout at Basicfit, prepared a yummy and healthy banana bread and a delicious salad for lunch at work on Monday. I love to mealprep on Sundays as you probably already know;-). In the meantime all kinds of different blog subjects popped up in my head. But thinking about what to write about and actually finding time and inspiration to really write articles are two different things of course. During my workout I asked myself which websites I like to read. A lot! And it depends on my mood and interests at that moment. In this article 4 of my favourite bloggers in the spotlight!

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Immune boosting shi take broth (vegan & glutenfree)


The last few weeks I’ve been eating quite a lot of sweet stuff (hello Oreos, Punselies and Tony’s Chocolonely!). Because I don’t really feel great and full of energie, it was time to make some changes. I became a bit more strict in eating as much veggies and fruit as I can and cut down on the sugar and cheese. I love to work with herbs and spices and I’m especially interested in anti-inflammatory herbs and spices like ginger, turmeric and garlic. I did not feel like eating bread for lunch (which is quite common to eat in The Netherlands) so instead I prepared this fresh and very healthy shi take broth that is full of goodness for your body. Do you feel better already after just reading this intro? ;-) [Read more…]

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