Valentine’s day


Sunday is going to be the most roman…, I mean pink day of the year: a day of hearts, cuddly toys and chocolate. Valentine’s day… Weeks ahead Pinterest is taken over by pins about love and gifts, every flyer in your mailbox is all about how to conquer the heart of your loved one and every store seems to know exactly which gift you have to buy. Only 4 nights left and this love sugary sweet, commercial festivity starts.

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Street art Birmingham (UK)

Street art Birmingham

We have so much fun exploring cities we never visited before. In december 2015 we went to Birmingham (UK) before and around New Year’s eve. The perfect time for a trip and a trip like this is the perfect excuse not to go to all kinds of New Year’s eve festivities;-). This English city turned out to be such a suprise: accessible, no need for public transportation, not as expensive as Londen for example, lovely vintage stores and places to go for a yummy coffee. We also spotted lots of street art, for example in Digbeth quarter. Especially around the Custard Factory. We heard Digbeth is the creative quarter of Birmingham, all the art we saw there confirmed it. We love sharing our favourite pieces of street art with you in this blog.

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Vegan kale toastie

boerenkooltoastie 3

Ever since I discovered that the ‘stevig spelt’ bread from Albert Heijn makes really delicous toasties with just a tiny tiny bit of olive oil, I’ve tried a whole lot of different toastie varieties and I keep coming up with more recipes. Regular bread I often find a bit boring for lunch and in winter I really prefer my food hot, so a toastie (not a Dutch tosti because for that one you use a tosti iron) is sheer perfection. My other winter addiction is kale. Every week I buy 1 pound of fresh unshredded kale at the market and I use it for everything: pizza topping, soup, risotto (recipe soon online!), a mash, etc. and this toastie. Other than kale, I put in humus and avocado (also two favourites), artichokes and raw onion and those last two ingredients make this toastie so special.  [Read more…]

Foodhallen van het Noorden (Dutch food event)

Foodhallen jan2016

We are in  a complete ‘Foodhallen high’, really. Last Sunday we organiszed a vegan tasting session at this big event in Groningen and we loved it! Do you want to know what we did exactly and how we experienced this? Read on!  [Read more…]

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