Getting rid of food addiction

getting rid of food addiction

In the last two blogs about my food addiction I told you about my eating pattern, how I gained weight and about how our Western world has changed in a world that’s all about food. Food becoming so important, not only in my life, but also in life in general is not a very good development, I think. But I do find it a good thing that lots of people became much more aware of what they put in their mouth and started cooking their own meals and growing their own crop. [Read more…]

Animal friendly eating in Hamburg, Germany

animal friendly eating in hamburg germany

At the end of april we spend some time in Hamburg again, just like in the summer of 2014. We slept in vegan B&B Green Haven  and we ate our way through Hamburg. We are very good at that! ;) And we are good at sharing our favourite finds. So if you are planning on going to Hamburg or you are looking for a great city for a short trip, than definately read this blog about animal friendly eating in Hamburg, Germany.  [Read more…]

Breakdeweek, 25-5-2016

bdw foto intro

Fototentoonstelling AFV Daguerre

De vorige editie van Breakdeweek zat zo vol met activiteiten dat we dit keer weer eens de nadruk leggen op leuke dingen die je in en om het huis kunt doen. Zelf ben ik best wel een huismus: ik hou van rommelen tussen de plantjes op mijn balkon, een goed boek lezen of werken aan een creatief project. Ook als je er wel op uit wil in de komende twee weken, hebben we nog wel wat leuke activiteiten voor je, dus lees gauw verder! [Read more…]

Stephen’s smaakatelier, Groningen

Stephens smaakatelier voorkantA few weeks ago we decided it was about time to go to Tuinland (a store for plants and gardening/ balcony stuff), because it was almost summer (at least, so we thought) and our balconies were screaming for some attention. So said and done, we went to Tuinland and bought lots of plants and fresh herbs. Yes, herbs, because they are essential in both our kitchens, we love cooking with fresh products. But, this blog is not supposed to be a story about our kitchens or balconies. It’s supposed to tell you about our visit to Stephen’s smaakatelier, a coffee and lunch place in Groningen. So, back to business now…

[Read more…]

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