From imagination to visualization, daydreaming and amazing sleep

Vliegtuig KLM

Sometimes, when I’m lying in bed trying to sleep, the most amazing and dreamy ideas come to mind. For example for a new blog post or for a project I’ve been working on. But turning on the lights and writing it down feels like a real chore and I am already in this dreamy state that I really don’t feel like letting go of. And if, on the next day, I’m staring at a blank page and trying to write something down that whole great idea seems to be completely lost. How can that be? Does it have something to do with the emptiness of the page? Or ‘having to’ write down something? Do you have that experience too sometimes? For now I just decided to switch of my laptop, go to sleep and try again tomorrow…  [Read more…]

Mechelen in pictures

Mechelen had been on both of our lists for a while. We read about it and it made us believe it’s worth visiting. In 2016 we discovered why smaller cities can be really great for a weekend trip: there’s no rushing, you do not need to use public transportation and when you leave you actually have the feeling you got to know the city a bit. Mechelen is really perfect for one of those 48 hour weekend trips. We were never bored and finally had time to try as many coffee bars as we wanted and check out all the green addresses we had written down in advance. Stay stuned for that because our green guide to Mechelen will be on our blog later this month. Are you curious if Mechelen is a destination that suits you? You should really check out the pictures in this blog to get an idea of what this city is like.  [Read more…]

Ameland in Winter

Appeltaart bij Strandpaviljoen Ballum, Ballum, Ameland, dec 2016

Last year we wrote a blog about holidaying at Texel in winter. Now it’s time for a blog about a winter holiday at Ameland, another Dutch Wadden island. Last year w made a short trip to Ameland in December. We had really lovely weather: no snow on the beach or freezing temperatures. It was perfect for long walks on the beach and through tiny villages, visiting museums and having hot chocolates with whipped cream. Want to know what to expect at Ameland in winter? Do read on…  [Read more…]

Groningen through the eyes of our international guests! #IBM050

Inzicht vanaf Martinitoren Groningen op Grote Markt

It’s been 2 months since we organized the International Bloggers Meetup in Groningen: a weekend in Groningen for bloggers from neighbour countries and Dutch bloggers to meet and exchange knowledge. And it was so much fun! In this article we share the adventures of the international bloggers, so you get to see Groningen through the eyes of others.
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