Recipe chocolate matcha latte (vegan)

choco matcha latte recipe vegan not so stuffy

When we went on a city trip to Hamburg in the Summer of 2014, I ordered my first matcha latte ever in a cafe. I was very curious to know what this new hyped drink would taste like. It must obviously be very good as so many people love it. The first sip was unforgettable. I would really love to see my face at that moment. I tried another sip a couple minutes later and then another and I hated it still as much as with the first sip. To me it kind of tastes like someone grabbed a handful of earth among other things from the forest ground and put it in a drink. This was the first and last matcha latte I ordered…  [Read more…]

Outfit of the day #2

After the succesfull outfit shoot we did to show you Anneloes’ clothes, it was now my turn. We did the shoot at her house and it took a little while but then we got into the flow of being fashion photographer and model. You can be anything you want to be, right? ;-) Well at least we have a lot of fun when we show you our affordable, great vintage, secondhand, fair and sustainable clothes. Over the last few years sustainable clothing has really become a thing which is a great, because our earth needs us to be more conscious. And it does not have to be really expensive to buy an outfit that was made fair and eco friendly. Plus it’s not ‘dirty’ anymore to buy secondhand. Secondhand is cool! 

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Dubbeljoe J, in Groningen

Dubbeljoe J, lunch hotspot in Groningen

During our search for a lunch location in Groningen for the international bloggers meetup last year, we met Wesley, one of the owners of lunch spot Dubbeljoe J. Because Saturday is one of their busiest days, lunch with so many people was not an option. But Wesley invited the two of us to come by in the new year and try a few of their lunch dishes. And that’s what we did last week…
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Hot fruit porridge with granola (vegan)

hot fruit porridge with granola vegan

For a few mornings I had been craving my homemade granola as part of my breakfast. But I did not have any (plantbased) yoghurt in my home and my ideas of what to use granola for in a breakfast are not very extensive. I could only come up with yoghurt. That was until I thought maybe pureed banana or mango as a replacement would also work. It tried but it was just a tad boring. So I decided to experiment with pureed fruit as a porridge. The granola is optional in this hot fruit porridge with granola. If you don’t have any, the porridge is just as good without. And you could even add a little more oatflakes to the recipe in that case, to make it more filling. If you feel like making granola right now, this recipe is a good starter. I’m a fan of this hot (it’s icy cold in The Netherlands right now), but it works well cooled down too. You could also bring it to your work and eat it later. I love to know what you think! 

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