Street art in Zaspa, Gdansk (Poland)

Gdansk aug2016 street art oranje en vliegtuig

While preparing for our weekend trip to Gdansk in Poland, I read on Wikipedia this city was almost completely destructed during World War 2. Despite all the troubles this country experienced, they started rebuilding Gdansk. And with great result I might add: it’s an amazing city with a beautiful city center. Definately worth visiting, we think, and we’ll tell you all about it soon in another blog. In this blog the quarter Zaspa and it’s murals are in the spotlight!

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Green shopping in Düsseldorf, Germany


Groen shoppen Eng intro

We had been looking forward to a trip to Düsseldorf in Germany for quite a while now because we wanted to visit the only Wunderwerk store in the world (Wunderwerk is a Düsseldorf born fair and sustainable fashion brand). We also kind of suspected that if there is a Wunderwerk store in Düsseldorf there must be more than one fair fashion store to be found in this German city. And cities most often have quite a few vintage stores, so our enthusiasm was huge and we had quite a list when we were ready to go at the end of July.  [Read more…]

Münster (Germany) in 2 days

Startfoto Munster juli2016I just love it, spending a night in a hotel… exploring a new German city. And on top of that, the weather was great. What more could I wish for, right?! Those things give me a real holiday vibe. My friend B from Amsterdam and I visited Münster for a girls weekend away. We met in Enschede, where she parked the car and got into mine, to drive off to the sunset, well to Münster of course. Through Booking we found a hotel within our budget: Hotel City Partner Europe, €69 for 1 night and only a 10 minute walk from the center. After we parked the car and left our luggage in the hotel, it was definately time for lunch. Full speed ahead (just kidding!) on our way to all the good food…

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Street art in Düsseldorf, Kiefernstrasse (Germany)

Dusseldorf juli2016 street art Kiefernstrasse startfotoDo you like street art as much as we do? Every new city we explore, we hope to find lots of street art. In Düsseldorf we had no trouble at all, finding graffiti. Lucky us! Especially the Kiefernstrasse is known for it’s beautiful facades. And in other parts of the city you can find street art too. So if you are visiting Düsseldorf, keep your eyes open when exploring the city. In this blog we love to share the most beautiful pieces of street art in the Kiefernstrasse. 
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