Street art in Timisoara (Romania)

A citytrip to Timisoara (in Romania) was on our agenda at the end of June. Most of the people we told about our trip had never heard of this city before. Until Ryanair added it to their destination list, we hadn’t heard of it before either. Plane tickets were available for less than € 20,- (from Weeze, Germany) and because we had never been to Romania before, we decided to take a chance. It’s just so much fun to explore new places! Timisoara is not only a beautiful city (as you can see in our article Timisoara through our eyes), you can also find a lot of street art here. In this article we share our favourites. [Read more…]

This will make you want to go thrifting right now

why you do want to go thrifting right now - not so stuffy blog

When I need something new, I often wonder if I could get it at one of the many thrift stores in Groningen for a good price. Of course it’s also very sustainable to reuse something somebody else did not need anymore. Last week I was looking for an old silver coloured necklace that would suit the new vintage Romanian pendant found in Timisoara 3 weeks ago. I haven’t found the perfect necklace yet, but I did find a perfect pair of shorts and a cute T-shirt for just 5 euros and both of them have almost never been worn. I was so happy with this find that I have to share the following with you …  [Read more…]

Picture album Timisoara, Romania

 Intro pic timisoara photo album post

No words necessary, just pictures. This is a first impression of Timisoara, the third largest city in Romania. We went here for a couple of days just two weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. Timisoara, pronounced: Tim-my-sjhw-arrah in Romanian, if that seems logical ;-). To give you a pretty complete picture in this article you’ll find photos in different categories: parks, people, food, architecture, cityview, daily life… We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!  [Read more…]

Outfit Of The Day #8

OOTD8 Santuario di San Luca Bologna Not so stuffy Wander Women mai 2017

Anneloes thought it was a great idea to have an OOTD shoot on holiday. So when I had enough interesting clothes on me for a shoot  and we found a great spot in Bologna with an amazing view of the country side, we went for it. The items in this shoot are inherited, borrowed, fair fashion and a bit of high street… [Read more…]

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