Pear and plum bread

peren pruimen broodPreparing a yummy banana bread, if you don’t like bananas…that can be quite a challenge. That’s why I decided to make a bread based on pears instead. Like to know how it turned out? Then keep on reading… [Read more…]

Staying in agriturismo Dolci Marche in Le Marche, Italy

Dolci Marche introIt has been two months already since we holidayed in Le Marche in central Italy. A beautiful province, mostly without tourists, at least when you go at the beginning of september like we did. This was our first time staying in an agritursmo. We always dreamed about it but we never actually found one where the accomodation and it’s price was right: we don’t have a very high budget for travelling. We wanted something in a small village, with a garden and a swimming pool and it would be great if we could also pick some fruit. [Read more…]

Breakdeweek, 25-11-2015

volley-b-mesh-nautico-rose-fluoWe must have said this at least a dozen times already, but Breakdeweek is really one of our favourite blogs to write. It’s so much fun because we get to share all the fun things, activities, articles that we see during the week that we are very enthousiastic about. Today a brand new edition with lots of tips for you.  [Read more…]

Hotspot in Groningen: Handmade Hopes

Handmade hopes 1A while ago we visited Handmade Hopes in the Oosterstraat in Groningen. We’d been there before, but never thought of making pictures for our blog even though we really love some of the things they sell. Handmade Hopes is an interior and gift store and even outside you are being seduced by cute bagpacks for kids, toys and lovely postcards. For (real) mail junkies like us, you have us inside in no time!  [Read more…]

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