Vegan lunch options, part I

Tips vegan lunch intro

Like you probably have noticed, we love to lunch at a cafe or restaurant. We really love cooking up things ourselves but sometimes it’s great if somebody else is doing the work (and the dishes afterwards) for you. There’s just one little problem: in most Dutch restaurants there’s nothing vegan on the menu. And why not? This is 2016 and there are more and more concious eaters and foodies who love something different, plus the number of meat eaters is getting lower and lower. We think it’s time to change the menu and have at least one vegan dish on it.  [Read more…]

Sneek (Frisia) in half a day

Sneek Waterpoort

In Summer we both love to make short daytrips in and around Groningen. We usually choose somewhere that’s a maximum of a 100 kilometres from Groningen so we don’t have to be in the car for very long. Also the place has to be attractive because of it’s green environment, surroundings, culture or (green) shopping and eating possibilities (although we mostly have to find out about the last one ourselves!). Sneek, with it’s famous historic watergate (Waterpoort) and many canals prooved to be a good choice for a sunny Friday in July. We discovered 3 really great stores and we had a great lunch at a hip hotspot near the watergate. Also we got to enjoy some lovely historic buildings and we dreamed about doing a boattrip ourselves someday… [Read more…]

The Garage, Groningen

De Garage 22juli2016 startfoto
On Instagram Janet saw a beautiful iced caffee served on the terrace of a cafe we did not know yet. We cannot let that happen, so we decided to have a drink at The Garage in Groningen. The view isn’t really great as it’s located on the Boterdiep, but the terrace looks very welcoming and we sat there dry while it was raining on Friday morning. Are you wondering what this new part of the Platform theatre looks like? Than definately check out this blog.  [Read more…]

Birmingham (UK) in pictures

Brummie intro

Spending New Year’s Eve outside of our country, who doesn’t want that… We love it! It’s the perfect time to take a break. At the end of December 2015 we chose to visit Birmingham, England, UK. It’s just an hour’s flight, it was budget friendly and there’s always lots to eat in the UK for these two veggie foodies. So we went on a discovery tour in this quite industrial city. We discovered it has indeed a lot to offer like lots of vintage stores and streetart. But is it a beautiful city? Hmm, check for yourself with these pictures. Too bad it rained a lot and the sun wasn’t out, so keep that in mind while forming your opinion;)  [Read more…]

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