Where to shop in Leeuwarden

shopping guide leeuwarden not so stuffy

When my mom and I visited Leeuwarden at the end of January for an exhibition, we couldn’t resist checking out a few shops in the city center too. My mom was born and raised in Leeuwarden and when I was little we regularly went shopping in the Frisian capital. Back in the days Nieuwestad was the place to be in Leeuwarden, and maybe also Naauw and the Voorstreek. At the Voorstreek used to be a small shop where you could buy magazines: my parents always let me choose a magazine and that would often be an American one. My English wasn’t great back then (I was around 12/ 13 years young), but I loved learning about actors and actresses from all of my favourite tv shows. It was a great way to improve my English (I also watched MTV a lot to get better at it).
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Seepje: liquid detergent

Porto 2015, Not So Stuffy

The environment and sustainability didn’t concern me that much years ago. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind to think about the ingredients of detergent for example, and its impact on our environment or my health. But, times change and so did my choice of detergent. Maybe not the most interesting subject, but it’s good to think about all the (small) changes we can make to take better care of our planet, right?
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Outfit of the Day, #4

OOTD Fair Fashion Not so stuffy

When we had a coffee appointment in the Ebbingekwartier in Groningen (mostly a raw part of the city with lots of graffiti and some old buildings – but not for long because they are going to build new houses here), we immediately saw a chance to do a new outfit shoot. What we really love is that we are getting out of our comfort zones and getting more and more comfortable with the camera – in front and behind! This shoot has a bit more of a spring vibe than some shoots we did before. It wasn’t even that cold anymore without a wintercoat. We would not sit outside and have a drink on a terrace just yet but we would go for long walks outside and enjoy the sun in this early spring weather. And this is a perfect outfit for a walk like that! [Read more…]

The most popular street of 2017: Zwanestraat, Groningen

2 years ago the Folkingestraat became the most popular shopping street of The Netherlands and last year Czaar Peterstraat in Amsterdam got the most votes. This year Groningen won again: the Zwanestraat – Kromme Elleboog. Great isn’t it?! It proves once again Groningen has lots to offer, right? One of Janet’s friends mentioned she couldn’t find any info on our blog about the Zwanestraat. So we thought it was time to share our favourite addresses in this popular street.

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