Breakdeweek 7-12-2016

wwv1-knelis-141219-184506-5242-200x300Sinterklaas has left The Netherlands and now it’s time for some Christmas spirit and decorations. My tree is not up yet but it won’t take long. I really love the December month because it’s one of the coziest of the year. I love the candles and the lights and fun times with family and friends. Why do we only have that at the end of the year? It makes January and February extra chilly and cold. To give you some Christmas spirit we have some good tips. And if you do not like Christmas, like Anneloes, no worries. We do have some other great tips as well.  [Read more…]

“What to wear for the holidays?” Conscious look #2


The holidays are coming up and I know some of you are already wondering: what am I going to wear for Christmas or for that cool office drink party for New Year’s? One of us Stuffies likes the December month and often chooses a dress but it has to be a comfy one. The other one could not care less and is just waiting for a trip to take place. And if everything goes according to plan one will come up soon. That’s also a perfectly good time to wear a comfy dress of course with a warm legging and some sturdy boots. In this series I created a concious look that is not too pricy and 100% sustainable and fair. Are you curious to know what I created this time?  [Read more…]

5 cool Instagram accounts to follow!


Twice already we shared our favourite blogs. But there’s so much more to find online: beautiful visuals and cool info. On social media for example. With the risk of sounding old: during my childhood there was no such thing as internet or social media (yes, I’m that old already…). And now everytime a new social media appears, I think: “Oh noooo, not another online tool I have to check to see if it’s useful or fun!” But, with all new things it’s the same: you just have to try it and get used to it before you can say anything about it.

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Tips for an unforgettable girlfriends weekend


Almost every year I go on a girls trip with a group of girlfriends. For most ladies this is a welcome weekend away from the family home, where they can sleep in and don’t have to take care of anyone other than themselves. It’s also a time to catch up and share some personal stories, to shop, ply lots of games, enjoy good food, laugh a lot and relax a bit from daily life. Well, some of those things depend on what kind of weekend we have opted for and that’s why we like to mix types of destinations: a city trip, an island getaway (a Dutch island, mind you, so probably no bikinis there) or something in the countryside. But how do you arrange a girlfriends trip and how can you let it run smoothly? 
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