Koko Toko: one of our favourite fair fashion shops in Groningen

kokotoko 3Just this week our favourite store opened on a brand new location in Groningen. We had to visit right away to see the new interior, check all the new stuff and hear the latest news from the two lovely ladies who run this place. Want to take a look with us?

kokotoko 4

On this new location, there are a few extra’s. The first: a coffee- and teabar. With … CAKE! You know how much we love a good cake. This will only make us visit more. And it won’t be boring cakes that are sold everywhere, but special and unique flavours. We like!

kokotoko 2

There are some new brands in store like Lilly’s Eco Clean (eco-friendly cleaning), a brand you couldn’t buy in Groningen before. Check out there beautiful bottles! Also a new drinking bottle (to keep your drinks both hot or cold, however you like it) from Made Sustained that we’re probably both going to buy somewhere in the coming months but not right away because we’re on a budget. Discipline!


We were quite literally drooling over O my bag‘s Little Frankie. Wow, sooo beautiful. We want! Kokotoko is the only retailer in Groningen (as far as we know) of this Dutch fair brand. We love their philosophy. Definately check their bags!

kokotoko 1

And then we have British chocolate brand Seed & Bean. They sell this for a couple of months now and they have quite a collection. My favourites are coffee and coconut & raspberry. Great taste. Let’s not forget the clothes! At Koko Toko you can find brands like People Tree and Armed Angels, but also Komodo and Wunderwerk and some other lovely ethical fashion. Did we already say this is one our favourite stores in Groningen? Well, it is :-). Definately worth a visit, so go check it out and do let us know what you think of this store and everything they have to offer.

Oosterstraat 26

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