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Groningen, Oosterstraat 2015Quite some time ago we introduced the ‘I love Groningen’ tag. Of course we nominated other bloggers to write the I love Groningen tag too and they did.  It was so much fun reading all the other bloggers’ tips about our city! So we thought it’s about time for a little summary, which we hope will make it easier for you to find information about our hometown Groningen.

In December 2014 we introduced this tag, because we wanted to show other people what Groningen is all about. I hear ever so often: “Well, in the northern part of the Netherlands, above Zwolle, there’s nothing to do”. Or: “Doesn’t the world stop at Zwolle?”. Well, we can tell you it absolutely doesn’t! Together with all these other bloggers we would love for you to read all about our city, so you can see for yourself how beautiful Groningen is. And not only Groningen-city, but close to Groningen there’s lots to see and do too. Like to find out more? Then book a citytrip to Groningen, read all of these articles about the city and on your way you are to explore Groningen… You can read all about our favourite places to go and things to do here!

Travelblogger Marcella exchanged her hometown Leeuwarden (the capital of Friesland, also a beautiful but unknown part of The Netherlands) for Groningen. While living in Leeuwarden she was nominated to write the I love Groningen tag and she did: she thinks central station is the most beautiful building of Groningen and she thinks the city has a great vibe. After having moved to Groningen, she filled in the I love Groningen tag again. You can read all about it here and here!

Eventhough blogger Daphne moved to Amsterdam (a great city too…) à feb months ago, she loves Groningen: born and raised here. So she has many exciting tips to share. Daphne is a travelblogger so it’s probably no surprise her favourite store is De Zwerver (a travel bookstore). Read more here!

On the 11th of February Kirsten and her boyfriend left Groningen to go on a journey around the world. How exciting! Kirsten doesn’t like vintage clothing, Groningen to her feels like a big village and she can’t get over the fact our city isn’t much more popular yet for people to visit. Read all about Kirstens Groningen here!

This foodie lives in Oldenburg but Groningen is the city she wants to live in: Sanne  spends so much time in Groningen, it looks like she is living here already. When she heard about the I love Groningen tag, she was very enthousiastic and you can already read about her favourite things here. Sanne is a foodblogger, so your probably not suprised to read she loves to share foodie hotspots like De Pijp (Wine & Dine). She would love to climb the Martini tower and enjoy the view and according to Sanne Groningen is a vibrant city!

Do you know Jannekes blog already? While searching for bloggers who filled in the I love Groningen tag, we stumbled upon her website. She has never celebrated Bommen Berend (a day of celebrating the freedom of Groningen after World War 2, that takes place every year on the 28th of August) she has great memories of having dinner at Het Pakhuis and she loves our city and its relaxed atmosphere. Here you can read all about why Janneke loves Groningen.

Pim and Narelle love Groningen too: they have a blog which is called Weg van het Noorden. They like to eat at Eet Waar, the hidden gems of Groningen are the small courts and they think Groningen is a lively city where more and more new (innovative) concepts start. You can read more about what they think of Groningen here.

Stories of a conscious eater you can find on the website of Tamara: Leven om te eten. She loves going to a store called Mijn Tafel (My Table) to snoop around and according to this blogger Groningen would be complete with an indoor foodmarket. Read more here!

We loved reading all these blogs about Groningen again, so many things to see and do in our city. In the mood to write about Groningen too? Don’t hesitate and fill in our I love Groningen tag!


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