The Herbivoor (vegan cafe), Groningen

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At the end of February we had lunch on a Thursday afternoon at The Herbivoor on the Gedempte Zuiderdiep in Groningen. The Herbivoor has been on our list for months but we never really felt like going: a totally plantbased salad bar? We eat so many salads at home and at work – and they are really quite something already! And the prices were also quite high as we both live on a tight budget, so why go for something not so special? But it was definately time for a blog, so we just got over our issues and … 

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We were pleasantly surprised. Thankfully there were not only salads on the menu. We both did not choose a salad. The pretty high prices are because everything is organic, very fresh and homemade while you’re watching. We ordered the vegan burger sandwich and a soup with some sourdough bread on the side. The sandwich was quite large with lovely salad and sauce on lovely bread. We loved it! Only downside (well, it did not affect taste in any way of course) was that the burger fell to pieces the minute you touched it. This is a common problem when nog using any egg, we know ;)

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The soup was really good as well. Anneloes: “Not as good as the soup I had in Nijmegen a couple of weeks ago, but still.”In Nijmegen she ate the most amazing (I agree!) roasted red pepper soup with cashew cream. This recipe will soon be online because Anneloes has been experimenting in the kitchen and came up with something just as good. Mmmm! But anyway… Serving the soup with a sourdough bread is really a good idea, it makes for a very healthy, tasty and nutritious lunch. We rate the food served to us with an 8,5/10. Really good!

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The lady in the kitchen (the owner?) is really quite a good catch for this business. She’s good and she knows how to treat customers. We had a really good experience at The Herbivoor and will probably visit again soon because we would love to try their Thursday night dinner sometime. De Herbivoor
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 59

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