Voilà restaurant in Groningen

Voilà restaurant in Groningen

It’s been two weeks since we had dinner at Voilà restaurant in Groningen, together with a male ‘foodie’ friend (mff). We had been looking forward to this for weeks. We had heared only great things about Voilà and so we tought that it must become a good experience. Together with our reservation we had asked for 1 vegan menu, 1 strict vegetarian menu (no gelatin and no animal rennet) and 1 easy vegetarian menu. That was not a problem for the chefs. They told us they were looking forward to it, just like us. We love that! 

Warning: this blog contains a lot of mouth watering pictures! 

In de keuken...

In the kitchen…

At Voilà they work with a 5 or 6 course set menu. You can tell the waiter the things you prefer not to eat. All else is a surprise. We were being treated with a whole series of amazing food and it all started with these amuses:

De vegetarische amuse...

The vegetarian amuse…

De vegan amuse...

The vegan amuse…

For the ‘easy’ vegetaran there was a bavarois of red beet, a salad of red beet, shallots, dill, a gel of red beet and star anise, crunchy sponge cake made from beet, borage and goat’s cheese in ashes.
For the vegan and the strict veggie it was a salad of cucumber, apple and dill, a sherbet of cucumber, sweet and sour made from cucumber, burnt cucumber, roasted black rice and borage. A unanamous ‘Outstandig!’. Our expactations seemed about to be true.

After that it was the entree. This time both veggies got served the same dish and the vegan enjoyed another dish:

Het vegan voorgerecht...

The vegan entree…

Het vegetarische voorgerecht...

The vegetarian entree…

For the veggies: a couscous made of cauliflower, a cream made from roasted cauliflower and vanilla, in hazelnut oil baked cauliflower, a gel made from red beet, smoked mayo, a gel made from bergamot, a bavarois made from goat’s yoghurt, large garlic croutons, crumb of black olive, borage, affila and vene cress.
For the vegan: tartare from tomato and avocado (shallots, capers, tabasco and salt & pepper), bergamot gel, a cream mad from roasted paprika, the juice of cucumber and dill (served on the table), large garlic croutons, olives from Taggia, crumb of black olive, borage, affila and vene cress. And again, we all agreed: yumm!!

The in between dish was a soup, served to all 3 of us mostly the same. It was lovely to see how the waiter pured the soup on the veggies on our table.

Het soepje wordt geschonken over de groenten...

The soup is poured upon the veggies in the bowl…

De soep als ie af is.

And this is the soup when the pouring is finished.

Candied leek with with vadouvan (a French interpretation of Indian curry), a sabayon made of vadouvan (for the vegan a vadouvan oil), fried leek, a cream of parsnip, chives and a vivhysoisse (a soup of leek and potato). This also tasted really great. I really don’t like parsnip, but well done! All the dishes also looked amazingly lovely and picture worthy. The combinations and taste sensations were amazing. It’s so great really being pleasantly surpised when dining out. More restaurants should be adventurous!

The main course…

Het vegetarische hoofdgerecht... paddestoelenrisotto. Jum!

The vegetarian main course… mushroom risotto. Yum!

Het vegan hoofdgerecht...

The vegan main course…

For the vegan and for the strict vegetarian: tomato bulgur, grilled and smoked courgette lacquered with a herb oil )olive oil, thyme, garlic and rosemary), a sugar salad from the Big Egg) also lacquered with a herb oil, candied tomatoes, smoked red pepper, a tomato broth from the Big Green Egg and a quinoa crisp.
For the easy vegetarian: a mushroom risotto, a perfectly well done egg yolk, king mushroom from the Big Green Egg (infused with a herb oil), foam of Parmesan, candied tomatoes, grilled and smoked courgette lacquered with herb oil and crisp of Parmesan.

I was the one who ate strictly vegegatrian. And because I don´t eat animal rennet, I was served the vegan dish. But… any mushroom risotto really makes me drool. Yes, really… I love mushrooms (all kinds), I love risotto and I love love love mushroom risotto. When I came eye to eye with the risotto the bulger suddenly seemed so unattractive / while Anneloes tought it was amazing. After two bites our sweet table guest offered me his plate of risotto. Yes, really. He was for real! And of course I could not say no to this exchange of plates. And it was soooooooo good. Amazing. Mmmmm!!! )And yes, when I´m eating out I often choose to eat animal rennet now because almost all supposedly vegetarian dishes in restaurants are not really vegetarian-with animal rennet. But I don´t eat gelatin. Brrr!’

The next in between snack…


‘Cheese’ plate

A cheese plate. For the veggie 3 different kind of cheeses )unfortunately not with vegetarian rennet’ and for the other two a little extra± olives, 3 different kinds of bread, chutney and smoked almonds and walnuts. Normally the vegans get served a whole other dush. In this menu it´s ´Gin & tonic´, but they thought it was nice to serve us all something different for a change. The cheese was good. But the alternative for a cheese plate is quite hard, we decided. Missing the cheese is going to be a big thing. You can´t put nuts and olives on your bread so the bread was kind of useless. Chutney is often only really good with cheese. Maybe something with a tapenade would have been better. But we liked that they tried.

And then we were served the extra dish that vegans useally get:

Gin & Tonic

Gin & Tonic

Gin &Tonic, a sherbet made from cucumber, with rosemary infused cucumber, borage and a granite of gin & tonic (or an alternative without alcohol). Mmm, very good!

And then… it was time for dessert! Yay!

Vegan toetje, mmmm!

Vegan dessert, mmmm!

Vegetarisch toetje

Vegetarian dessert

For the vegetarians: lemon cake with a cream of lemon, wafer thin hard Wener, lemon merengues, Italiaan foam, gel of blood orange, sherbet of bload orange and grapefruit with lime cress.
For the vegan: caramellised and flambeed Elstar, gel of blood orange, apple sherbet, fennel, crisp made of apple with lime cress. Mmm, both were amazing but I thought the vegan one to be a little more special and tasty.

We had an amazing dinner and we talked about it for a long time. We will definately come back and can really recommend Voilà, Groningen with all of our foodie hearts! .
W.A. Scholtenstraat 39

Thanks to Voilà for the detailed description of our menu! 

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