Street art in Athens (Greece)

Athene, street art startfoto april2016

Only 2 months ago, my mom and I were exploring Athens (Greece), and we loved this city! Through AirBnB we rented an apartment in a quarter of Athens which felt a bit like downtown Athens. An area with lots of  high flats, many inhabitants, not so green (hardly any trees and parks), lots of traffic and a lot of graffiti. I mean A LOT of graffiti, really. There’s no turning a corner without seeing any street art. I love sharing our favourites with you.

Athens is a city with many different faces and every quarter has it’s own particularities. The area of our apartment had so much graffiti, it was unbelievable. The first night, on our way to a restaurant, we saw this piece. Yes I know, bad lighting (it was dark already) and yes, the garbage is in the way. But somehow I thought this one was promising.

This beautiful bird watched us passing by every day, when we started our walks through the city. Could it be a toucan maybe? It does have that distinctive beak, doesn’t it? The whole building was covered with this jungle like street art, so colourful, I really like it.
Athene, street art vogel groene muur april2016

During our walk through the quarters Plaka and Anafiotika, we saw this black and white piece of art. Beautiful isn’t it?!
Striking to me about the street art in Athens is the diversity in different styles. You can find the kind of ‘raw’ and more rough work. But also the more reserved and ‘smaller’ pieces, or art which is very detailed and makes me think of animation like the art in this next picture.

This one is a great example, I think, of the more reserved and ‘smaller’ pieces of art: to me it expresses sadness, which definately matches how we sometimes experienced the atmosphere and people in Athens.

So, in this photo blog you can see a few examples of the street art that you can find in Athens. And believe me, there’s still so much more to be seen. I hope my pictures give you a  good first impression.

In the past I wasn’t really that anxious to visit Greece, until I visited Thessaloniki in Spring of 2015. I instantly fell in love with the atmosphere and the kindness of the people. And I know, comparing Thessaloniki with Athens is like comparing apples and oranges. But in Athens I felt the same kindness of the Greek and I loved it. And it made me even more curious to discover more of this beautiful country and I hope to visit again soon!
How about you, have you ever been to Greece and how did you like it? Do share your experiences in the comments, we would love to hear all about it!

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