A Lebanese foodie walhalla: Fatoush in Groningen

startfoto-fatoush-sept2016Yay, a Lebanese restaurant in Groningen! Yes, really! We saw a picture on Instagram and almost couldn’t believe it. In the UK we fell in love with Lebanese food: so many dishes are veggie based and prepared with delicious herbs and spices. Great for vegetarians and vegans too. So these 2 foodies were very anxious to go to Fatoush and try lots and lots of dishes…

The beautiful blue facade of restaurant Fatoush is prominent at Damsterdiep, in between all the grey and white ones. The interior was surprising too: we expected it to be colourful, very full and a bit shoddy but in fact it is modern, simple and spacious. We like having some space and not having to almost sit on our neighbours laps ;-). We (party of 4) sat down and ordered almost everything on the menu, at least, everything without fish and meat of course. So nice to see vegan options on the menu too.


An appetizer was served: crunchy Lebanese flatbread with hummus. As a starter we ordered a creamy yellow lentil soup: great texture and flavour!

For our main course lots of different mezes were served: hummus with pine nuts, baba ghanoush with veggies, muhammara, falafel, fatoush, filo pastry cheese rolls, dried cheese (the 2 dishes with cheese were not vegan, everything else was vegan), spinach pasties, spicy roasted potatoes, Lebanese flatbread. We finished everything, almost to the last crumb….yummy! We loved the smokey flavour of the baba ghanoush, perfect combination with the veggies. The falafel: perfectly seasoned, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The fresh and a touch sour fatoush, with the crunchy flatbread was fabulous. And well, we loved loved loved the hummus and muhammara dips… If I were you I wouldn’t keep drooling over this pictures but race of to Fatoush to try everyting yourself!



Despite the fact we really ate more than enough, Janet wanted to try dessert: filo pastry rolls filled with Lebanese cream (not vegan though).  A pinch of hotness (we think red pepper) combined with the crunch of the filo pastry and the softness of the cream. And yes, she ate all of it, delicious!
And let’s not forget the amazing fresh and sour lemonade, homemade. Mmm, so good to accomany the food.

And, are you still wondering what our verdict is going to be? We absolutely loved everything! Fatoush really is a perfect addition to all of the restaurants in our lovely city. Great place for vegetarians and vegans: so many dishes to choose from. Great food! So, if you decide to try Fatoush, we would love to hear what you think of this restaurant.

We were accompanied by 2 omnivores, but considering we are a veggie blog, we left out their dishes. However, they were very happy with the food too!

Damsterdiep 15 in Groningen

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