Schone Zaken in Groningen

Schone Zaken opened its doors almost 20 years ago already and was still missing on our blog. That’s just not right, is it? So recently I visited this sustainable clothing store in Groningen. What I found? Lots and lots of fair trade and organic clothes! And a really nice lady( the owner) who, amongst other things, told me about one of the challenges of smaller sustainable brands.

Joke de Knegt is one of the owners of Schone Zaken. Before she started this business she already thought about sustainability. For example: she used to buy her wintercoats second-hand. On the one hand she’s happy to see more and more brands thinking about (and acting on) sustainability. Fair and organic clothes should be normal and be available more. On the other hand, it can be quite challenging for smaller brands to get their hands on organic materials, because some bigger businesses buy large amounts of material. Therefore it becomes more difficult and more expensive for the smaller brands to find a wide range of material.

Schone Zaken offers mens and womens clothing and the collection is extensive. You can find lots of different brands in this store. For example: Wunderwerk (jeans), Braintree (clothes, socks and underwear), Naturalmente, Dunque, INTI (knitwear) and much more. The owner especially aims at 30+ years old customers, we think. Most important is the quality of the fashion she sells and it has to be sustainable. Therefore she chooses smaller brands, European mostly. This way the store maintains its own unique style and collection. But, we definately think Schone Zaken has something to offer for everybody, even if you are younger ;-).

The pictures below give you a little preview of what to expect here. If you are in Groningen and looking for sustainable clothes, be sure to check out Schone Zaken! And yes, that’s me in the first 2 pictures, wearing a beautiful wintercoat from the brand Hoodlamb. What do you think: yay or nay? Please let me know in the comments below this blog which other fair and eco wintercoats you would recommend to me.

Schone Zaken
Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 16
9712 NK  Groningen

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