Looking back at February

In January we started with a monthly “looking back at the past month” blog. It’s not just about all the boring stuff (groceries, washing, cleaning) we did, but about all the things we like to share with you: recipes, books, movies, tv series, music etcetera. And sometimes we share something about the coming months if we have any interesting plans or things coming up. Do you like to be completely up to date with all things Stuffy, then do read this blog. 

Last month I (Janet) told you I’m not really a fan of the first two months of the year, usually the coldest months of Winter. But January and February went by pretty quickly and it wasn’t even that cold. We did not even get any snow in Groningen when most parts of Holland were covered in a little layer of whiteness. Still we did not get to go to Bremen. With freezing temperatures and a chance of snow or rain it’s not really safe to go there if you do not have special Winter tires for those circumstances. Also we did not feel like walking under an umbrella the whole day. So now we hope to visit in March. We’ll see… But what did we do then?

Our Not So Stuffy highlights:
– First Blogbar on a Saturday! It was held at De Oude Gasfabriek (The Old Gas Factory), where we were also offered a lovely lunch to try out (read on for further details).
– We did more photo shoots than ever, to have some stock for using in future blogs and because we loved walking around in just a thin sweater when it was below zero outside ;-0. In February we showed you two OOTD (Outfit of the Day) shoots and for March there will be at least one (and maybe even two) more. Stay tuned!

Reading material:
– Janet is currently reading ‘Peak: Secrets from the new science of expertise’. 2 scientists looked into lots of research material about expertise and did some research themselves on this subject. For example by getting ordinary people to remember huge rows of random numbers like for instance this: 6378294654529384725367438941527384394036548549378262. In a couple of weeks any person with the right method can remember this row. You can also pretty much learn anything. It’s not about genetics or having an ability. It’s about hours and hours of deliberate training. And they write about how some people are percieved as experts in their line of work while there is really no such thing. It’s a matter of reputation, gender and physical attraction of that particular person. Skills are often grossly exaggerated and there’s really no one in this world who is consistent in their skills. And did you think your work would get better if you have more experience? Not really… A doctor with 2 years of experience is often a better choice then one with 20 years of experience. Why? Read the book! ;-)
– Always great to read personal blogs from other bloggers about their work, blog and how they can travel as often as they do. In this post Explorista explains (in Dutch) about the hows and why’s. Inspiring.

What to watch
– Janet watched two seasons of Dutch Videoland series: De Zwarte Tulp. I currently have a trial subsription to Videoland and both seasons are available. It’s with a great cast, a good story and a few ghosts, so I was almost glued to the screen. Almost… ;-)
– Anneloes finally started watching the Swedish/Danish version of The Bridge: Bron/Broen. She finds the female lead hysterically funny and she reminds her of Bones.
– We both visited Pathé a number of times. We watched French movie Demain Tout Commence, where Janet left the theatre in tears. Janet went to see A Monster Calls (even more tears!) and Anneloes watched Lion, Split and Rings among others. She especially liked Lion: great filming. And the main subject of Split (schizofrenia) really appealed to her as well.
– In theatre De Nieuwe Kolk in Assen Remco Veldhuis (one part of the funny comics Veldhuis & Kemper) was shining in his first solo show “Lang verhaal kort” (Long story short) about the bible. It was really funny and interesting. You can check the promo below.

Food and drinks:
– During the Blogbar in De Oude Gasfabriek we were all used as guinea pigs and we loved it. We got to choose between a vegan falafel sandwich or a Shakshuka (either vegetarian or with Turkish sausage. We tested both. I had the shakshuka with a salad and some bread and dips and Anneloes enjoyed the falafel sandwich and they were both great. We will definately come here again for both lunch and dinner (there’s lots of veggie and vegan on the menu, we love that!).
– At Friet van Piet (a small ‘cafetaria’ which sells fast food the Dutch way) we finally tried the vegan ‘kapsalon’. It was really good. They use vegan fake shoarma from the Vegetarische Slager and that’s always a winner.
– Janet tried some recipes from the first Anna Jones cookbook at home. It all tasted good but not great enough to prepare again anytime soon.
– Anneloes prepared this one-pan recipe from Smitten Kitchen several times: one-pan farro with tomatoes. Quick, cheap and great taste! She added some roasted broccoli as a side dish (cut broccoli in equal size pieces, season with salt and peper to taste, add one tbsp olive oil and toss until evenly coated. Roast for 20 minutes in a preheated oven, at 200 degrees C. )

Our shopping adventures:
– At fair fashion store Schone Zaken a beautiful wrap sweater (brand: Zilch) was smiling at Anneloes. Of course she couldn’t resist and tried it on: it fitted perfectly so now it’s one of her favourite items to wear. It will probably appear in one of our Outfit of the day posts soon.
– Janet had some book vouchers to spend: she bought Creatief Handletteren en Meer (translation: Creative Hand lettering and More), and a few markers and pens for lots and lots of creative fun.
– And Janet also bought the Flow Special Mindfulness & Creativity, which was published mid February.

Audio favourites:
–  We both listened to 3 podcast broadcasts: Erno Hannink interviewed Elja Daae about blogging and being an entrepreneur. Available in Dutch only.

Best discovery:
– The beautiful interior of De Oude Gasfabriek and their menu with veggie dishes to choose from.
– A delicious bean stew at Dubbeljoe J in the Folkingestraat
– Hand lettering
– TV-series The Affair.

The most liked Instagram pic in February (picture already taken at 23-2, Janet’s predictions always come true;-))

And, Anneloes finally decided to choose a more environmental friendly supplier of energy: Green Choice. Sometimes it’s just that easy to make a difference and be kind to the planet we live on. Every small step, every change you make can already make a difference. Which supplier do you have for gas and electricity? Did you already consider looking into greener options maybe? Let us know in the comments below this blog.

And it’s March again already… almost Spring!

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