De Oude Gasfabriek, Groningen

In 1854 the gasworks was opened in Groningen. Only one building is left, De Loods in the Ebbingekwartier. In the past markets took place at this location. Later restaurant Oberland was located here for a few years. After a big renovation, which took about 10 months, De Oude Gasfabriek opened its doors in De Loods. It was a long renovation period but definately worth the wait: wow, the interior is just fabulous! Would you like to know if our food experience at this restaurant was just as great as the interior? Then keep on reading…

Having dinner at a restaurant during a weekday, that just feels so luxurious. On a Monday night, about 2 weeks ago, we had dinner at De Oude Gasfabriek. No need for reading their menu, they suprised us with a 3 course vegan dinner. As a starter we tried some bread with a garlicky dip and dates filled with homemade nut paste. A nice start: simple and tasty.

The main course was a suprise too, it wasn’t even on the menu yet: roasted veggies, prepared in the charcoal oven served with pearled couscous. The chef loves a challenge: preparing delicious vegan food for example. And he succeeded, we really liked this dish! The chef even used the dill-like fronds of the fennel, yummy. The side dishes: home made fries, veggies prepared in the charcoal oven, caramelised apple and a salad. We noticed not all vegetables are suitable for preparation in their special oven: the cauliflower and endive were a bit too bitter. Another note: in restaurants most of the time we are not satisfied after dinner because the vegan food is often lightly digestible. In talks with the chef we suggested some extra ingredients: nuts, legumes and tofu for example.
For dessert 3 different things were served: homemade caramel ice crea, a blueberry parfait with apple, and coconut panna cotta. All 3 desserts were vegan and absolutely delicious! Janet really loved the ice cream and would love to have the recipe. The panna cotta was my favourite, great combination of flavours.

Our verdict?
De Oude Gasfabriek is a perfect addition to the restaurants in Groningen. What a great place to enjoy food and drinks. We love the interior, the building, the lovely seating area around the fireplace. And what a beautiful 1st floor. Just fabulous! You can see, the building is renovated with eye for detail and with a lot of attention. On the menu you can find a lot of veggie options: an example for many restaurants in Groningen. When talking to the chef we really loved the way he responded to our critical notes: very friendly and open to listen and hear about our experiences with vegan food in restaurants. They were very friendly and accomodating. Not only during this visit, but also on other occasions.

You can also enjoy coffee with homemade pie or lunch at De Oude Gasfabriek. We just can’t resist sharing the lunch we had a few months ago: amazing falafel and a very tasty shakshuka. Both available for vegans too!

* We were invited by De Oude Gasfabriek.

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