This will make you want to go thrifting right now

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When I need something new, I often wonder if I could get it at one of the many thrift stores in Groningen for a good price. Of course it’s also very sustainable to reuse something somebody else did not need anymore. Last week I was looking for an old silver coloured necklace that would suit the new vintage Romanian pendant found in Timisoara 3 weeks ago. I haven’t found the perfect necklace yet, but I did find a perfect pair of shorts and a cute T-shirt for just 5 euros and both of them have almost never been worn. I was so happy with this find that I have to share the following with you … 

why you want to go thrifting right now

If you are wondering why you would ever go to a thrift store in your life and you feel like: “Yuck I don’t want to touch anything if I don’t know who used it before and what they did with it” or maybe you have a sense of shame or embarassment when thrifting, do consider this:

  • When you are looking for something specific and you find it at a thrift store, the reward is so much bigger than when you find it online or in a store: thrifting is an art and it’s a challenge. You need a combination of persistance, patience and creativity and when you find the thing you’re looking for, the feeling of accomplishment is amazing. 
  • Something somebody else paid full price, you can buy for a few euros or less. It usually looks just as good as if it were brand. After you use it, you either give it away or return it to a thrift store again.
  • You are so cool and self assured that you really don’t give a … whatever… what other people think when you are thrifting ;-)
    After all you are just being savvy and nobody thinks it’s weird to use stuff from friends and family, right?
  • The best reason: you are a very sustainable and green citizen of this planet and really care about the environment. You reuse and recycle all the time. Instant good feelings!

So the next time you need new stuff other then undies or food we suggest you check out a few thrift stores first.


* The pictures in this blog are taken at What’s Inn thrift store in the Oosterparkwijk in Groningen.
Address: Struisvogelstraat 5, Groningen.

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