Our 3 favourite lunch places in Groningen

It probably isn’t a big surprise eating is one of our favourite activities, right? Just like in other cities we also eat our way through Groningen, our hometown. Trying new restaurants more often would definately be on our agenda, if our budget allowed us to spend a little more money. In this blogpost you’ll find 3 of favourite lunch places in Groningen. And at the end we throw in a little bonus this time too!

More and more restaurants in Groningen offer veggie and vegan options on their menu. Eventhough our city can still learn a lot from Berlin, London and Copenhagen, it’s nice to know it’s also possible to enjoy veggie food in Groningen, and not just at 100% vegan places. Also in ‘normal’ restaurants. One of these ‘normal’ food spots is Wadapartja: a cafe we would definately recommend people who don’t want to eat animals. Wadapartja also caters for omnivores. Here not only the food is good, you can also shop at the integrated store with beautiful gift items. And, there’s a terrace too: sitting outside at Wadapartja is never boring because of people watching ;-)

Salad, Feel Good Groningen, Not So Stuffy

Feel Good is also a great place to enjoy veggie food. It used to offer meat too. Since they introduced their new menu it’s 100% vegetarian, with vegan options available as well. Besides their delicious coconut latte, you should definately try their bowls, salads and other drinks.

Herbivoor Groningen, Not So Stuffy

Ever been to De Herbivoor already? No? Well, then it’s about time you took a chance (all omnivores too!) and try their tasty Herbivoor burger. We love it! We also recommend trying the soups, salads and their delicious homemade bliss balls. At De Herbivoor you get to choose from an all vegan menu, everything is homemade, fresh and prepared with love. Like to sit outside? That’s possible too: there’s a small terrace in the front.

Where do you like to have lunch in Groningen? It would be great to get some veggie tips, so please do share your favourite place (in Groningen) in the comments below!



Rose Des Sables is a small supermarket, located in the Nieuwe Ebbingestraat. Here you can get your take away lunch sandwich (also vegan option available) and enjoy it at for example the stairs at the Grote Markt. It’s very budget friendly.

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