5 of our favourite iced coffees in Groningen

iced coffee, Prinsentuin, Groningen, Not So StuffyIt’s that time again, that time of the year: Summer. Blue skies. Hot days. Sun. Many daylight hours. More energy. And, of course, the best time for refreshing drinks on a terrace, right?! Besides a delicious Fentimans, Fritz or a homemade iced tea we do like a good iced coffee too. Luckily for us in Groningen there are quite a lot of places that serve iced coffee. In this article we share which 5 iced coffees we like the most. And, for the people who prefer other cold drinks we added a nice bonus.

In random order:

  • In the Poelestraat, 1 of the streets with the most bars to go out at night, you will find Het Concerthuis. Last year they offered an iced coffee with a little twist. For me that twist made it one of my favourite drinks in the city: their iced coffee comes with a hint of orange and some cane sugar syrup. You can get the syrup on the side, so you can adjust the drink until it’s to your taste.

Iced coffee, Concerthuis, Groningen, Not So Stuffy

  • The most basic iced coffee, but definately tasty, is on the menu of Wadapartja, located on the Zuiderdiep. Basic, because it’s chilled coffee with milk and a little bit of syrup (you can ask for a less sweet version too). This one is not one of Janets favourites, because she likes her coffee quite sweet and milky. So, one of her favourites is….


  • …the iced coffee served in the little open air tea house in the Prinsentuin garden. The owner of this tea house told us a lot of people come back to their place just to have another one of their iced coffees. A lot of people really enjoy this version: with real vanilla icecream, sweet, so definately a must drink according to Janet! It’s in the 1st picture of this blogpost. The tea house is only open from April – October.

Iced coffee, Feel Good, Groningen, Not So Stuffy

  • Feel Good in De Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat just has to be in this blogpost too, because it offers the most delicious iced coconut latte ever, according to Janet! It’s a little bit of a tropical coffee because of the coconut, tasty and not too sweet. It’s also vegan.
    You can read about both Feel Good and Wadapartja in our 3 of our favourite lunch places in Groningen as well.


  • So, have you ever tried a cold drip coffee? No? Well, then it’s time to go to Black & Bloom. The owner, Gerben, will prepare the most delicious cold drip coffee. It’s a refreshing drink: coffee with for example ginger ale or tonic. This might sound strange, a combination of soda and coffee, but it’s really yummy. They also serve ‘regular iced coffees. Black & Bloom also has a small terrace where you can take a seat and enjoy your delicious drink and the weather.
Iced coffee, Tim Horton, Canada, Not So Stuffy

Janet having an iced coffee from Tim Horton in Canada

Do you prefer a refreshing drink without coffee? Then MasMas is the place to go. Their signature drink is called a frappa. And believe us, this is a drink you really have to try. Choose your favourite flavour and the (really friendly) guys at MasMas will prepare a delicious drink for you. Janet loves the oreo version and Dutch ‘stroopwafel’. Be aware: a lot of calories but so worth it!


On our to-try-list is the iced coffee at Grand Theatre. And don’t forget to share your favourite summer (coffee) drink and where do we definately have to go to try it!


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