About us

We are two girls (and best friends) living in Groningen (city), The Netherlands. NSS ladiesOur passions are second-hand and vintage shopping (home deco and fashion), cooking and baking (vegetarian and vegan  more accurate is: we love to eat), reading, psychology and travel.

Janet has a diploma in Communications and she worked in journalism for a couple of years. She has written a published selfhelp book about dealing with chronic illness (Scriptum Psychology, 2010). She loves doing research, writing and likes to travel.
Anneloes is originally a social worker, but she has worked in (account) management mostly. She’s good at organizing stuff, but not only does she like to arrange things, she also loves to write and travel the world.

While both of us are really different in character, we love most of the same stuff and it shows for it on our blog. It’s about green living. We are not going to tell you what to do, but we show you amazing veggie and vegan recipes, hotspots, fair, organic and sustainable clothing and places to travel to.
We met while both studying Spanish in Sevilla in Spain, in autumn 2002.

In the Northern part of Holland we visit many great hotspots (you can read more about this in some of our blogs) and we give special attention to our amazing (and actually very green!) hometown of Groningen. We also love to visit other cities and destinations in The Netherlands and in the rest of the world (mostly Europe nowadays).

Because we do not have a lot of money to spend and we think it’s quite a challenge to save money, almost all of our tips are as budget friendly as possible.


On Not So Stuffy you will read our own opinions. And sometimes they are quite distinct. We prefer being honest. But don’t forget: “It’s just someone’s opninion” ;-). We are independent in our blogs. If we write a sponsored post we will mention this in the blog. Even in this case, we will still tell our truth. 



3 questions for ‘Not so stuffy’-Anneloes …

1. You have one completly empty day ahead of you. What three things are you going to do?
Take a walk, reading that one book I’ve been wanting to read for ages and getting some Pinterest inspiration for my balcony garden.
2. What does your ideal holiday or city trip look like?
A combination of leisure, sea and the beach, being outside most of the time, sunshine, culture and great food. Other than that I just like to be inspired by my surroundings.
3. What is the best food you have ever eaten? And where did you eat it?
I can’t choose! I love the dishes at Terre a Terre in Brighton (UK), the food in Rome, the pizza ‘on the mountain’ in Liguria. I love  Tibits in Londen, the vegan snackbar in Berlin, Der Brennessel in Dresden and … just recently I added Osteria Espri in Colonnella to my list. Wow, just WOW!!!!!
Janet: And maybe Califa Tapas in Vejer de la Frontera? ;)
Anneloes: Yessssssss! And Arte y Sabor in Seville of course.

3 questions for ‘Not so stuffy’-Janet …

1. Who or what has inspired you the most in your life?
People who do beautiful things, like Ghandi and Mother Teresa. They make me believe that I CAN make a difference. Anyone can. You just have to act. I always wanted to do voluntary or missionary work in a third world country, but circumstances (‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans’ – John Lennon) I now lead a totally different life. That’s okay too. But I’m still an idealist and a dreamer and I’m inspired by people doing god things. 
2. Which country or what holiday so far has surprised you the most and why?
Ireland. I love to go on holidays to countries where it’s dry and hot — I would love to live in Seville — and I always love a bit of nature but I thought I loved big cities more. In Ireland it was wet and cloudy, but it was so green and so amazingly beautiful. The little villages were so colorful, the people really lovely, the atmosphere was great and I liked the food … I never thought that holiday for me would be absolute perfection. It’s so different from what I usually choose.
3. What dish is your biggest challenge when you’re cooking or baking?
I’ve never made cinnamon buns because they seem a lot of work. But my NSS-colleague is very good at them. One day I’m going to try them too. 
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