DIY: word art

Word art (1)From reading so many interior magazines and blogs I’ve got a head full of ideas (some of which I will never use). For a couple of months now I’ve been running into pictures of different kinds of word art (sometimes not just words but inspiring sentences). When I found some iron thread at Sostrene Grene this morning for just 72 cents (euros), I couldn’t wait to get started on this little DIY project. After a couple of minutes I found out that 1.5 metres was just enough for a four letter word and after 20 minutes my DIY project was finished. A great little gift idea for the upcoming holidays, a nursery or a housewarming party.
What do you need?
You need 1.5 metres iron thread that’s about 0,4mm thick to create a four letter word that’s about 10 centimetres high and 20 centimetres long. I used double thread for all the letters because this makes your word art look better. If you use thicker iron thread you could do letters with a single thread.



How to?
It takes a bit of practice to get the folding right. I don’t want to worry you, but when you do it wrong it sometimes leaves not so pretty patches in the thread. The thicker the wire the less you’ll notice afterwards. Just fold the wire and create the first letter with a double thread and continue with the rest of your chosen word. Happy folding!

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