Natural dry shampoo

Sometimes you just don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, even though it definately needs a wash. For those urgent moments you can use a dry shampoo. Your local chemist will have one in stock but they are always chemical and we like our products natural (and cheap!). So why not make this easy dry shampoo yourself? And it has another advantage: because you add cocoa powder, you can adjust the powder to the clour of your hair so it won’t leave you with greying streaks. That’s a bonus, right? :)

droogshampoo poeder

droogshampoo ingredientenWhat do you need?
– arrowroot powder, about two tbsp for a month worth of dry shampoo
– half a tsp – tsp cocoa powder
– natural essential oil (optional) – not neccesary if you like the smell of cocoa

And then?
Put the arrowroot in a bowl. Depending on your hair color you are going to add cocoa powder. You want the dry shampoo color to match the color of your hair. For my dark blonde locks I added about half a tsp cocoa powder. If you have dark brown hair you will probably need a full teaspoon or more. Mix well, add the essential oil (about 1-2 drops, if using) and than use a strainer to get any lumps out of the mixture. Keep in a closed container. Use as much as you need on the greasy parts of your hair. Tell us, what do you think of this dry shampoo?

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