Talking about: You Are What You Do by Roos Vonk


Je bent wat je doet (translation: ‘You are what you do’) is the first real book written by Roos Vonk. Before that she mostly published columns. According to Roos Vonk it was an informative proces to write this book. For us reading this book was instructive too. The book belongs in the category Psychology/ self help books, a category we absolutely love. We really recommend You are what you do (Je bent wat je doet) if you are looking for practicle advice about how to change your behavior and feel more positive  about your life. We are always looking for advice on this subject. But… there’s one but: there’s no translation of this book available in English so you have to make do with our review.

The section in the book called Do and be happy really appealed to us. For example, it says that most of the time people only start something new when they already feel good. That is definately a missed opportunity, we think. In order to experience change in this life you need to act friendly and positive. If you really want to feel happy, go and do something. Literally: start moving. Exercise for example. Go out for a walk or ride your bike. Feel the wind in your hair. The moment you start doing something, positive changes start to happen in your brain too. From our own experience: we love taking walks in de woods on lazy Sundays. The fresh air, the change of scenery and actual moving, that’s what makes us feel better and more in the moment. Laying around on the couch only makes us feel more lazy and unhappy.

Besides literally moving, it’s also possible to move towards other people. Vonk gives some examples: You might like to help other people, give compliments, show an interest in other people, be thoughtful. All those things make you happy, she writes. And, it also makes other people happy. Great side effect, isn’t it? Advice like this is actually quite simple, you could say. But, we notice it’s so easy to forget and maintain old patterns. So it’s time for a mental note: just do!


In her book Vonk also talks about the effect of your body position on how you feel. Which appears to be enormous! You can try the following test:
– make yourself small
– put your head and shoulders down
– look down or close your eyes
Feel your body tighten itself and talk slow, reluctant and soft.
What are the effects of all of this on your state of mind?

– make yourself big and put your feet down firmly
– put your chest and chin up
– move your hands while talking
– speak up, positive, decided and calm
– look people in the eye
How do you feel now?
This is called power posing. How you behave, determines how you feel, at least partly. This is of course something you can use for example in your work. Have to give a presentation and feeling insecure? Try to position yourself as described and it will make you feel more relaxed and calm. Great, isn’t it?

So, we will not describe the whole book. We hope you have a bit of an idea what this book is all about. You even might want to read it yourself (if you do understand a bit of Dutch of course) and learn a lot. To us, this book is a practicle guide which contains pragmatic advice about how to change how you feel and behave. Just do;-)! Have you already read this book? Then we would love to hear what you think about it! Let us know in the comments below.



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