DIY making toddler party bags #1


As you may have read in one of my previous DIY guest blogs, to me every day feels like a party. But now we really have something to celebrate because my sweet baby girl is turning three. And so I needed to make a treat to hand out to her school mates. No punishment for me to try and think of something original. Which in my case means no plastic junk and/or just sweets to give away to a bunch of toddlers. 

Of course, I first scoured Pinterest off for some inspiration. And so I came up with a pretty nice give-away – I might say so myself – for my daughters toddler friends: a paper gift bag full of handmade mini presents to play with. And well, okay… a little box of sweet raisins to avoid disappointment so to say. You never know with those toddlers.


Crafting supplies
These cheery handmade presentes don’t ask for a lot of tools. You just need to cut and tape a lot. Below is a list of all the materials you’re going to work with.

  • a pair of scissors
  • perforator
  • super glue
  • magnet sheets
  • wooden mini clothes pins
  • washi tape
  • small pencils
  • oude prentenboekjes / second hand / old picture books
  • vintage puzzles
  • colored feathers
  • colored paper
  • cardboard or thick paper
  • baker rope
  • ribbons

Where to find crafting materials?
Just some tips on where I found some of my crafting materials. You will find masking tape or washi tape in lots of department stores, hobby shops or online. Visit webshop Een Nieuw Avontuur for good quality stuff. And beware because they sell many more beautiful things… Baker rope for example. Although I simply found mine discounted at the local supermarket.

You’ll find the magnetic sheets and colored feathers at the hobby shop. I found my feathers at the thriftstore, as well as the secondhand picture books and puzzles. The mini clothespins I got a a store called Action (which has a wide range of affordable craft stuff) but you can also buy them at the hobby shop I guess. Same goes for the small pencils.

Koelkastmagneetknijper / Refrigerator magnet squeezer
So we are going to make a refrigerator magnet on a squeezer. Two birds with one stone because you can put something under the magnet, but also between the squeezer. Your fridge will look so cheerful! Below you will read the steps on how to proceed.


How to
Cut nice (not too large) pictures from a picture book or use cardboard puzzle pieces.
Grab a mini squeezer and determine how large the piece of magnetic sheet must be which you’ll glue on one of the sides of the squeezer.
Cut the piece from the magnetic sheet and stick it on one side of the squeezer with the glue.
Now stick the image or puzzle piece on the other side of the squeezer. NOTE: be careful that you have the picture in the right direction. Not upside down.
Make sure the lot is secure by locking all with a big clothespin. After about 5 minutes, it is stuck and there you go! You’ve got a very unique refrigerator magnet squeezer!




Feather pencil
This DIY is soooo easy and fun and not just for children. Make one (or two, or three …) with a large pencil for grown ups for yourself. How to make it? Grab a feather and stick it to the pencil with masking tape. Done! Really! Well, what did I say? Easypeasy.

hoofdfoto-blog femkeAbout Femke:
Femke Jaarsma (1977) aka Beidehands is a creative do it all with a passion for DIY. From crafting, to kitchen gardening and crocheting to sewing and customizing clothing. She earns a living with writing and editorial work. Other passions are traveling, cooking and above all: daughter Lena (2012). Visiting markets and thrift stores to find vintage and retro stuff, she experiences as therapeutic. Femke also does yoga and loves going to festivals with friends. Along with hubby photographer Erikjan Koopmans she is Verwoord In Beeld. She also has a foodblog for MNSKP – Weten wat er speelt in Leeuwarden.

This is part one of Femke’s DIY guest blog. Next week you can read part two, with another two tutorials.

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