DIY making guest bags for a toddler birthday party


This is part 2 of Femke’s guest blog about making guest bags for a toddler birthday party. No, no candy but fun handmade things. Did you miss part 1? You can check it out here. In part 1 Femke also tells you what you need and where you can buy it. Now we are ready to continue with the last two things for the bag.

That cute little feather pencil has no function without some paper to draw on. Although it might look very decorative on your desk… But for this toddler treat I thought a small coloring book would be a nice addition. You can create such a book in many ways. I chose to tie it with so-called bakers twine. You can also choose a nice color yarn. The ladies of Not So Stuffy also made a notebook so make sure to check out their DIY for inspiration. This little book, again, is very easy to make but here the steps to follow.

1. Cut the sheets of colored paper to the desired number of sheets in a little square format. I chose to use different colors.
2. Grasp the colored cardboard (or a piece with a print on it) or thick paper and cut two pieces into the same size as the paper. These pieces will be the cover of the book.
3. Make holes in the paper and cardboard (cover) with the puncher. Make sure you make holes in the same place so that everything fits together nicely later on.
4. Put the colored sheets of paper between the two cardboards or thick paper. Fit the holes exactly alike and then thread the twine through. There are more ways to tie and you’ll surely find the right one.
5. Tie the rope with two knots and cut the long end (if there is one) off. Your little coloring book is ready now.



Paper gift bags come in all shapes and sizes. Same goes for the many ways of putting them together. Naturally, I chose one of the easiest ways. I love a quick result. And with some colored paper and masking tape it can’t go wrong. I was actually quite surprised how quickly I was done. A short explanation in images on how to fold and tape the paper bag:

1. You fold both sides of the short side of the sheet of paper (A4) toward the center.
2. Stick the sides together with masking tape of your choice.
3. Fold over one of the short sides about 3 cm. This will be the bottom of the bag,
4. Then fold the bottom as it were, open to one side.
5. Then fold both long edges toward the center.
6. Now seal the bottom with masking tape.
7. Carefully fold the bag open. Now it’s ready to be further embellished. If you wish.

DIY Femke jarige Lena

As mentioned, you can now decorate the gift bag. Use stickers or nice images that you stick on the bag with glue. Write or stamp something on it. Get Creative! But to make a real bag of it… you need to make some handles. Punch holes in the top of the bag in both sides of the paper. Grab a piece of ribbon, twine or yarn and pull it through the holes. Tie them and now your gift bag is ready to be filled.

To top it off, I made labels from a photo of my daughter Lena. I printed her picture on colored paper, cut it out and then put it under a label maker. Looks quite professional right?


hoofdfoto-blog femkeAbout Femke:
Femke Jaarsma (1977) aka Beidehands is a creative do it all with a passion for DIY. From crafting, to kitchen gardening and crocheting to sewing and customizing clothing. She earns a living with writing and editorial work. Other passions are traveling, cooking and above all: daughter Lena (2012). Visiting markets and thrift stores to find vintage and retro stuff, she experiences as therapeutic. Femke also does yoga and loves going to festivals with friends. Along with hubby photographer Erikjan Koopmans she is Verwoord In Beeld. She also has a foodblog for MNSKP – Weten wat er speelt in Leeuwarden.

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