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Yeah! This DIY is greener than green. We are going to stamp with fruit and vegetables and well, that’s pretty green right? I wouldn’t say the same for the paint I used by the way. But hey, I’m doing the best I can. You can always go and look for a more sustainable version…

So allright. We are going to stamp on fabric. And to make it even more exciting: we are not only stamping on fabric, we are going to make a bag of it. Not just any bag but a very cool one. Are you with me? It’s very easy. Really!




benodigdheden (1)Crafting supplies
You don’t need a lot for these homemade bags. I just checked my own little fabric ‘store’ at home and found some suitable pieces of fabric. You don’t have this luxury? Then try your local fabric store and look for the sale section. And for the stamping you can choose any kind of fruit or vegetable you like.






  • Fabric: one for the stamping and one for the underlay of the bag
  • Piece of rope or line for the handles
  • Tape-measure
  • Fabric scissors
  • Two potatoes
  • Potato peeler
  • Acrylic paint (or textile paint) in the colours red, green, yellow and black
  • Paint brushes
  • Sewing-machine
  • Pins
  • Thread

Cutting the fabric
Before you begin stamping, you should decide how big or small your bag must be. I made a ‘grownup’ bag and a mini version for my daughter. You start by cutting the fabric. Now you also decide whether your bag will be square or right-angle shaped. You cut 4 pieces of fabric in total. Two for the stamping on both sides of your bag. And the other two pieces for the underlay.

Stamping the fabric
Cut the fruit and vegetables in half. Are you gonna go for those sweet watermelons like me? Then cut one side of the sliced potatoe in half again. The other potatoe I used to make the ananas shapes later on. This seems harder than it is. Trust me. You just need some patience. But the result will be so nice.

gesneden fruit en groente

Put the paint on a little plate and don’t forget to fill a bowl with water. You can use this to clean the paint brushes in between. Then grab the piece of fruit or vegetable of your choice. Take a brush and put the right colour on it. For the watermelon you start with the halved potatoe and the colour red. Place the potatoe stamp on the fabric and stamp around till you have enough red coloured half rounds. With a smaller brush and green paint you make the peel of the watermelon.




Then choose a brush with which you can make a dot. These will become the pits of the melon. Use black paint and make as many pits as you like on all the watermelons. Dry the fabric.










Then stamp the other side of your bag with fruit and/or vegetables of your choice. I chose pineapple. Look at the pictures for a little how-to.










Patience is a virtue
Now you just have to be a little patient so both pieces of stamped fabric can dry. I find being patient pretty hard so what do I do? Find something else to DIY in the meanwhile. In this case a mini version of this fruit-veggie stamp bag.

Sew the bag
The paint will dry pretty quickly and then you can sew the pieces together so it will become a real bag. This sewing is really easy. Just follow these steps.
Step 1: Pin both stamped pieces of fabric to the fabric for the underlay of your bag. Put the ‘wrong’ sides together! Then stitch the fabric together. When you’re done, you’ve got two pieces of fabric with on one side the stamps and on the other the underlay.
Step 2: Fold and pin the edges on the top of your bag twice in the direction of the underlay.  Do this with both pieces of fabric. This will make a neat border on top of the bag. Then stitch it together.
Step 3: Pin a piece of cord or rope to the stitched borders. On both fabrics. These will become the handles. Decide how long or short you want them to be. Stitch the cord/rope to the border. Make sure it’s firm enough.
Step 4: Pin both pieces of fabric together with their good sides on top of eachother. Stitch the whole thing together. Cut all the loose threads and turn around the thing around. Your homemade stamp(ed) bag is ready!

stap2a naaien

stap2b naaien









stap3a naaien

stap3b naaien









Share your creations!
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