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Illustratie meer tijd

Do you always feel like having to little time? That feeling when you finally have a bit of time to yourself you should actually go to bed because you haven’t slept that well lately because you were so busy? That the days literally fly by? And you’ve also read several time management books but none of them got you anywhere because you were in your old ‘no time’ habits before you knew it? Read on…

Even though I ‘only’ work parttime – and am self-employed! -, have no kids and never make to many appointments (I hate having to many things planned and too busy days ahead of me) I still have the feeling I need about 6 more hours in each day. I’m one of those people who is never bored. I find so many things interesting and fun to do and if I have a day to spare I can’t choose what I would love to do the most after all the ‘necessary tasks’ are finished: paying taxes, doing the dishes, vacuuming, grocery shopping, sending a postcard, making some appointments for the dentist, hairdresser, etc, replying to e-mails and whatsapp messages, visiting someone… You understand. And I also lose a lot of time by unneccesary checking social media, just out of a habit.

Better planning, first the things that I dread the most, everything I can do in 2 minutes first, a ‘to do’ list, setting priorities, answering e-mail only once a week, turning of the Wi-Fi connection … Nothing really helped for longer than a week. Every night when I went to bed, I kept haviong the same feeling: another day over and again I did not do what I really wanted to do/ what I realy enjoy doing. I had the feeling I was being lived by an automatism in me that I could not fight.
My Not so stuffy-colleague had reminded me of my own ‘5 minute’ rule (spend at least 5 minutes per day on doing that what you love and make it a priority) and I had just started doing that again when I literally walked into The Power of Doing Less by Fergus O’Connell in de library. In Dutch the subtitle is: ‘Learn to focus on that what is really important’. That word ‘Focus’ kept popping up in the days before and after I started reading the book: in conversations with fellow bloggers, with friends, with strangers …

This book tells you the truth about one thing: You don’t need to do more to have more time. You need to do less!

Actually it comes down to this:

  • refuse
  • say no
  • find out what does not have to be done
  • focus on things that you care about most.

I hear you thinking: I already knew that! Yes, you knew that. But why don’t you do it?

Because it aks for a change in behaviour. And that’s often quite difficult and it costs a lot of perseverance and determination.
But if you really want more time for yourself – and with that a more inspiring and a better life – then it’s definately worth the uncomfortableness of the change right?

I think so!

The problem is you have too much to do and too little time.

The only solution: do less. 

So now ‘the big refusal’ starts:

  • When at work: say no. You have enough to do already. You don’t have to say yes to everything. Just do what you’ve already been assigned to do and finish that.
  • In your private life: say no. You can NEVER do all of it, so the question: is it absolutely necessary that you do this task? Or: do you REALLY REALLY want to do this? Then absolutely say yes. Otherwise the answer is no.

Do you want to join me in the challenge?
We are very curious what you think of this refusal technique.
In a couple of weeks you’ll read a follow-up blog about how it all worked out.


The power of doing less- Fergus O’Connell
Capstone Publishing LTD, 2013

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