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This autumn beads store and coffee bar Kraalienka opened its doors in the Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat in Groningen. Kraalienka has had a store in this street befor, a couple of years ago when working with beads was amazingly popular in The Netherlands. I used to be very active with beads as well, I have the remains of the beads all over my house to show for it ;) Now it’s a cozy little place in a beautiful premises with a lovely old fashioned coffee bar in the back, and… we were promised there might be a terrace when spring will arrive next year. 

Owner Nicorien decided to focus mainly on special beads, for example gem stones and semi precious gem stones. The beads she sells are quite unique. She choose not to focus to much on the other materials you need for making a necklace for example as you can buy thread and locks at stores like Pipoos as well.
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In the café you can choose from a number of hot and cold beverages, mainly quite basic teas and coffees and some organic juices. There’s cake (petit fours from Bakery Jullens) and some vegan healthy snacks (with dates presumably). Nicorien does not bake herself. While we thought the coffee bar was very attractive looking we opted not to drink anything here because we did not think the menu was attractive enough. You know us: we expect chai lattes and coffee with a nice flavour ;). And yes we know, we are spoiled…
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In any case we saw that beads haven’t lost their spark yet: a number of ladies came in while we were there all looking for special beads and Nicorien was happy to help. We hope they succeeded in finding what they were looking for!

Kraalienka store

Kraalienka beads

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