Good intentions vs fun intentions


First and formost we wish you a very pleasant and inspiring 2016! Have you formulated some good intentions for today and all days to come? Or are you going to wait one more day until the second of January? I used to start with my new good habits on the second day of the new year because the first of January is such a weird day. You probably have a lot of not so healthy food left and the gyms are closed. You see: I assume you have goals set that are related to health and fitness. That’s often the case, isn’t it? 

Often, after a week or two into the new year, there’s not much left of my good intentions. When it comes down to it, I’m quite lazy and I tend to go for pleasure and ease. And let’s be honest: who really wants to eat an extremely healthy diet when you can’t have anythong ‘good’ and you have to exercise every single day because you think you have to? When you ‘have to’ do things or you ‘can’t’ have things life suddenly isn’t so much fun anymore. That’s a fact. Nobody likes to be forced to anything.

What does work? Well, two years ago I decided to do things differently. I still made a ‘list’ for the new year but now with just fun things on it: great ideas for holidays and daytrips, a massage, going to the sauna, afternoon tea with my girlfriends, baking sweet treats. And last year I had just 1 thing on my list: preparing at least 15 recipes from one of my favourite cookbooks of all time – ‘Veg Everyday’ by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. And of course I can now tell you that I succeeded with ease and pleasure. And after half a year already. And now I want more … No more of that sad feeling in the third week of January: “I failed yet again.”

Failure does not motivate, just like coercion or prohibition. What does work is giving yourself very attractive alternatives, giving yourself what really makes you happy and then a new world of possibilities opens. I often exercise 2-3 times a week and I admit: I often go reluctantly but … I know that I feel really powerful and fit when I workout and after working out I feel really flexible and full of energy. That feeling is very attractive to me so I am going after it of course. It’s worth it. What makes you feel really good? And what’s on your list for 2016? Let us know!

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