The new success (6): Which ladder are you climbing?

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Not too long ago I watched an episode of Supersoul Sunday online where Oprah Winfrey talked to author and motivational speaker Jack Canfield. Canfield has been in the United States bestsellers lists for years with his inspiration bookseries ‘Chickensoup for the soul’, selfhelp where you are inspired to lead a better life and realise your dreams and potential with the help of short stories. ‘Because’, says Jack, ‘you don’t have these dreams for the sake of it. You have those dreams because you have the potential to realise them. And if you realise your dreams, you will reach your full potential.’ 

Now I’ve told you before about my lifelong love (well, from when I was sixteen years old at least ;)) for selfhelp books (soo much inspiration!) so it’s not really that weird that Jack’s words resonated with me and I’m writing this blog about it. What inspired me the most, and I was sitting at the edge of my seat when he spoke about this, is that many people are standing halfway on a ladder trying to reach the top, but it’s the wrong ladder. And most often you find out it’s the wrong ladder when you are at the top.  What a waste! All this time you forgot to feel (or ask yourself) what gives you energy, what makes you happy, what inspires you and what makes the days go by so fast.

And more often than not we are stuck in a daily pattern (sometimes without even noticing) because all we think about is the house we want to own, a big salary, stuff that gives you status…  and we forget to think about what actually really makes us happy. And yes, here we go again: lots of people will now say “What makes me happy does not earn a living and I have rent to pay and kids to feed…” but what you are forgetting is that you never have any actual security in this live wheather you hate your job or you love it. The only security is that someday we are going to die. It could be tomorrow, or next week or in 30 years… Who knows. But when you look back, will you be happy with what you did with your life? With the choices you made? We only have such a short amount of time here. We Stuffies can just say one thing: when we look back at our lives we can actually say we went for what we really love the most and we enjoy life everyday by choosing to make the most of it every single day. And yes we have off days and we certainly did not get what we always wanted but on a daily basis we make work of it to realise our dreams and it feels sooo good. And you? How do you feel about what your doing?

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