The new success (7): Why we don’t belong…

We horen er niet bij

We never really fitted in… with the blogging generation of our times. We are too old (37 and 39 years old), we are not eager enough, often we don’t care enough if something possible earns us money (we choose fun instead) and the thing that differentiates us most is the fact that we hate shooting selfies and we rather not have our pictures upon our blog. And especially the last thing does seem to be a bit of a problem: making yourself the face of your blog often seems to play an important factor in the success of a blog. Or so it seems … 

You might have noticed that we posted some ‘duo selfies’ over the last couple of weeks. Yes, duo! For an actual ‘single selfie’ we are not quite ready yet. Before we have posted blogs with potographs of us wearing vintage or sustainable clothes (and we did not really like shooting those pics although we always have great fun during a shoot). It’s probably our age again. Even though we did grow up with a desktop computer, we did not grow up with social media and we can’t imagine wanting to see ourselves constantly and hearing how many likes our personal photo’s get. We just don’t care. Or we have to high self esteem to be needing that probably ;)

‘Then why do you blog?’ you might wonder now. Because we both really love to write posts and shoot pictures and we just enjoy ourselves enormously. We do a lot of things as an excuse for our blog (visiting new coffee and lunchspots, city trips, etc.) and our lives became more fun when we incorporated that. And we admit: ever since we have Google Analytics we definately became more interested in our blog numbers even though we think that is not per se a good thing. And we’ll write blogs if we have 2 readers or if we have 82. (If you are curious: we have around 100 unique visitors per day).

In 2016 we will still be following our own plans and we don’t care about what other people do or don’t do. We already don’t fit in so we are going to keep on ‘not fitting in’ and enjoying it. We will pay for our own food and drinks and we will give our opinion whether the owner of a cafe likes it or not. You won’t see us in our pictures a lot and if you think that’s too bad, than ask us to meet for coffee somewhere and we’ll talk in real life. In a couple of years we’ll both be forty years old and than we will really be ‘golden oldies’ who do what they think best and who enjoy life to the fullest. And that’s success too!

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