DIY: Stamped T-shirt

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A while ago I saw a pineapple T-shirt in a store. I thought it was very cute but I’m not allowed to spend too much money on thinks I don’t neccessarily need so the T-shirt was a no go. But I became so inspired: I saw myself stamping all kind of T-shirts and tops and maybe even towels and bags. I had some textile paint at home and you can make stamps with a knife and a potato, so this project would not set me back much. I started drawing and stamping and out came this DIY.

What do you need:
– 1 or 2 potatoes
– a sharp knife (used for peeling potatoes for example)
– a pencil and a piece of paper
– a washed (and dried) cotton T-shirt or top
– textile paint
– a small paint brush
– a piece of cardboard
– iron (and ironing board)

Stempelen 1

What to do:
1. It’s important that you have washed your T-shirt first, even if it comes directly from a store.
2. I made some sketches before I started cutting the potato. I drew a pineapple, some cats, a pinguin, a plant… You name it, it’s an option. As long as you like your design. And because you drew it, it’s always unique.
3. When you start working with the potato, you’ll notice it’s much harder than making the sketch. You can’t draw on a potato, so you have to do it right the first time. Although you can cut away a piece of the potato and start over of course. Don’t use too many details and do not make them too complicated otherwise it’s impossible to cut or it will break of.

Stempelen 2
3. When you’ve decided on your design, cut the potato in 2 halves and put one half away for later use (if you want).  The inside of the potato  is where your design is going to be. Make sure you have enough daylight as it can be difficult to see where you have cut already. First cut the edges of the design, you can do the details later when the design is more visible if you’ve cut away most of the potato around the design.

Stempelen 3
4. When you’re done, with a brush put some paint on your design. Now make a test print on a piece of paper. Are you happy with the design or does it need some tweaking? Do you need to use more or less paint?

Stempelen 4
5. If your happy with the print, it’s time for the real thing. Slide a piece of cardboard in your T-shirt (so the paint won’t go to the back of your shirt) and pull the material tight. Now you can stamp as much as you wish. I think the fun thing is that every print you make will be a bit different. Sometimes darker, sometimes lighter or even missing a small piece. It’s completely your design and your work.
6. When you’re done stamping, let the T-shirt dry for a couple of hours.
Stempelen 5
7. When the T-shirts is dry, you can iron it inside out to set the print. Now it’s ready to wear. Happy stamping!

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