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Do you also like doing daytrips in spring and summer? I do, and we go for one every chance we get. We can’t wait for sunny and warm days so to get in the spirit … ;-) On a sunny day in May 2016 we went to Zutphen (a small city in The Netherlands), by train. Yes, by train: cheap Kruidvat tickets, and it’s quite a sustainable way to travel, right?). It’s just a short walk from the train station to the center of Zutphen (about 5 minutes). What we think of this town? We already shared Zutphen through our eyes. Spoiler: we were impressed, what a lovely city to explore! Check out our favourite places to go.

We started our Zutphen tour at the tourist office: a great place to get some info about the city, what to do and see. The tourist office lady told us about a boat trip that was about to leave, so like the real touristy types we are, we ran off to this boat ;-). And she was right: it was a fabulous way to start the day and enjoy a relaxed boat trip.

After all the green and water, we could definately use some yummy drinks and food. So after some looking around we ended up on the terrace in the garden of Friends, lunch & lounge at ‘s-Gravenhof 7. A nice café with a garden, partially in the shadow. We both ordered a healthy juice and some sandwiches. Both yummy! But, no vegan options available unfortunately and white bread wasn’t filling enough to both of us.

Friends Lunch & Lounge, Not so stuffy Cityguide Zutphen

Our experience at coffee place Van Rossum was definately one to share too! Cosy interior, lovely small terrace outside. We ordered an iced coffee and a cold drip coffee (just as yummy as at Black & Bloom!). And oops, forgot to take pictures of the drinks….but happy faces at this place, as you can see below ;-).

Van Rossum Coffee, Not so stuffy cityguide Zutphen

Van Rossum

In cities like Zutphen it’s quite easy to go from coffee place to bar to restaurant to another coffee place. But this daytrip wouldn’t be complete without some (green) shopping of course. So we also checked out a few shops: sustainable, second-hand, vintage and a bit hipster.

  • De hibou, eko & retro: Hibou offers poison free, sustainable items (as written on their website: “things that make you happy”). If you are into brands like Huisteil, Re-Sack and Lunchskins, this shop is the one to visit.
  • At Cameleon you’ll find a range of second-hand and vintage clothing.
  • We also checked out the shop Radijs. Esther Maria designs clothes and chooses all the products for the store. She tries to use sustainable materials as much as possible. And she sells accessories, postcards (by and gift items.
  • Hippe Dingen has to be in this city guide too. A store where you can find sassy and colourful gift items and accessories.
  • Zazou is located in the same street (Laarstraat): a shop that sells second-hand and vintage clothes and fairtrade gift items.
  • WAAR is a chain shop you can also visit in  Zutphen. We usually don’t like chains very much, but we do like WAAR. Nice products and they sell Doppers in all kinds of colours.
  • Via Patries was closed when we visited Zutphen. It’s a second-hand (and outlet) clothes shop.
  • At Appel & Ei  you’ll find second-hand clothes and for example furniture and other items for your home. Nice detail: they used reclaimed wood and other reclaimed materials to build and decorate the shop.

Our list was endless and we just didn’t have enough time to check out everything. So we definately have to go back some time! A hard life, blog life ;-)
These two places we did see from the inside but no time for a drink:
– Liesl’s Little Teashop: this is a cosy little place where you can enjoy lots of different kinds of tea. They also have sweet treats, but no vegan optiones yet. We were told there’s no demand for vegan options in Zutphen.
Koffiehuis De Pelikaan is famous in Zutphen for its coffee. We checked out the interior: dark, classy, combined with a shop and a nice terrace. No interesting coffee drinks for us on the menu and no vegan options either.

1e klas 2e hands

Hippe Dingen, Zutphen, Not so stuffy cityguide

Hippe Dingen

Radijs, Zutphen, Not so stuffy cityguide


Via Patries, Not so stuffy cityguide

Via Patries

Do you have some lovely Zutphen tips you’d like to share? 

Addresses in this blogpost:
Friends, lunch & lounge, ‘s-Gravenhof 7
Van Rossum Coffee, Turfstraat 10
De hibou, Sprongstraat 11
Cameleon, Schupstoel 2
Radijs, Laarstraat 7
Hippe Dingen, Laarstraat 14
Zazou, Laarstraat 57
WAAR, Korte Beukerstraat 14
Via Patries, Marspoortstraat 25a
Appel & Ei, Laarstraat 23
Liesl’s Little Teashop, Korte Beukerstraat 21
Coffee House De Pelikaan, Pelikaanstraat 9

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