Dubbeljoe J, in Groningen

Dubbeljoe J, lunch hotspot in Groningen

During our search for a lunch location in Groningen for the international bloggers meetup last year, we met Wesley, one of the owners of lunch spot Dubbeljoe J. Because Saturday is one of their busiest days, lunch with so many people was not an option. But Wesley invited the two of us to come by in the new year and try a few of their lunch dishes. And that’s what we did last week…

Dubbeljoe J is located in the Folkingestraat, the most popular shopping street of The Netherlands. Judy and Wesley, the owners of Dubbeljoe J, both worked at the La Place restaurant in V&D until it closed its doors at the end of 2015. Looking at the interior design of Dubbeljoe J you might recognize the La Place style a bit maybe. Not quite our taste but it’s different and we like that. It also has some nice details, like the 4 big chalk boards behind the counter and the colourful straws in the juices. When V&D closed down, Wesley and Judy decided to go into business together. Super exciting of course, and brave too. For Judy it was a dream come true, to start her own place. She didn’t want to run a business on her own and since she already knew Wesley, it seemed like a natural step to ask him to join her in this adventure.

Dubbeljoe J, lunch hotspot in Groningen, Not So Stuffy

On the menu we discovered quite some vegetarian and vegan options, we just couldn’t decide what to try. So Judy suggested she would put together a tasting platter with vegan choices. Great idea! She served us a bowl of Dutch pea soup (‘Snert’), a bowl of tasty tomato soup, a salad wrap and a bowl of delicious sweet potato stew. And it all tasted great: everything was well-seasoned, fresh ingredients and really full of flavour. The winner was definately the stew though: sooo yummy!

Next to the tasting platter, we got to try a selection of the juices and smoothies: soy and berry smoothie, avocado smoothie and a juice with beetroot. We really liked those as well.

Dubbeljoe J, lunch hotspot in Groningen, Not So Stuffy

Dubbeljoe J, lunch hotspot in Groningen, Not So Stuffy

Dubbeljoe J is a nice place where you can get a healthy lunch made of fresh ingredients: smoothies, juices, salads, soups, sandwiches, wraps and stews (delicious!). We love the different options on the menu: for vegans, vegetarians and for omnivores alike. Also the food is really affordable. You can have a stew or a soup for 4-5 euros each. And, if you don’t have time to enjoy lunch at Dubbeljoe J, you can also order in at thuisbezorgd if you live no more than 3,3 kilometres from this cafe. Don’t forget to order the stew then! ;-)

Did you already have lunch at Dubbeljoe J? Or did you try a juice (on the go) maybe? Would love to hear what you think of this lunch spot in Groningen.

Dubbeljoe J, lunch hotspot in Groningen, Not So Stuffy

Dubbeljoe J, lunch hotspot in Groningen, Not So Stuffy

Dubbeljoe J has a nice terrace (in winter it’s heated) too, where you can enjoy a relaxed lunch.
Our opinion: a good place to go to for a healthy and fast lunch, we love the enthusiasm of the 2 owners and we think they serve a mean home made vegan stew, it’s budget friendly and conveniently located in the city center.

Dubbeljoe J
Folkingestraat 49, Groningen

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