By Kees, Heerenveen (Frisia)

When I met up with my brother at his house a few weeks ago, he said: “We are going to Heerenveen to have lunch, that’s ok isn’t it?” Well of course it was ok, I love going out for lunch. But a veggie lunch in Heerenveen? I had my doubts. Especially when we were already on our way and he revealed we would be eating at the ‘Meat Market’. I had to restrain myself from googling and decided to just let it happen and be surprised. And guess what, it was surprising. Luckily in a good way! Meat Market turned out to be a street name (Vleesmarkt) and not a real meat market (relieved sigh…) and in this street By Kees is located: a hipster hotspot.

Since it was a beautiful and sunny day, we choose a spot at the terrace in front of the cafe, in the sunshine. Before looking at the menu we ordered drinks: a cappuccino and a salted caramel iced coffee. And yes, with whipped cream. Normally Janet orders drinks like this (too sweet and filling to my taste, normally) but it just sounded too yummy to resist. And yummy it was: the perfect iced coffee of 2017.

Another surprise was the menu, because there were so many veggie options to choose from. Wow! That practically never happens: it almost made it feel impossible to choose just 1 dish. I absolutely loved it: so many interesting veggie sandwiches and bowls among other things. My order: a bagel with homemade green hummus, pine nuts, salad and tomato (completely vegan). My brother had a bagel with scrambled eggs, homemade green hummus, avocado with a topping of feta, tomatoes and cress.
Our verdict? We loved it! Really. My brother kept saying how good it all tasted. And the green hummus was a great addition: spinach was added to make it green. Nice touch and different from the regular hummus.

Bagel, By Kees, Heerenveen, Not So Stuffy, vegan

What I would order a next time? Well, probably the homemade broccoli burger. Or maybe the falafel? Or one of the delicious bowls…or a fresh juice or a smoothie. I would love to try all of these dishes…so next time I’ll be having the same problem: not knowing what to choose. Do you often dine out with a meat eater? By Kees also offers meat and fish.

And before I forget: we also liked the interior at By Kees. Especially the 2 hanging chairs in the back, the big table and the seating in front of the window. On the right, in the middle you can order at the counter. Left and right from the entrance door there’s a seating area with regular chairs and tables. There are also seats available upstairs. Even though it’s quite a modern look, it’s also becoming more and more mainstream. I am absolutely in love with their menu though, wow! And we  liked the way the staff treated the guests: really friendly and hospitable. We think By Kees is a real must visit, when in Heerenveen, for the coffee lovers as well as the veggie foodies.

By Kees, Heerenveen, vegan, Not So STuffy

Lunch at By Kees, Heerenveen, vega, Not So Stuffy

By Kees
Vleesmarkt 10, Heerenveen
(Frisia, The Netherlands)

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