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Books4Life is a second-hand bookstore where all proceeds go to charity. You can find this chain (kind of like Oxfam books in the UK) in some larger cities in The Netherlands. The Groningen branch just moved to a new spot this past November. It is now located in shopping center Paddepoel, about 1,5 kilometres outside Groningen’s city center. They have a fairly wide range of books in different languages from Russian (on April 18th 1 book!) to lots of English, German, French and of course Dutch. Books are cheap here and often in good condition. 

Books4life Paddepoel Groningen

Half of the current output is offered to Amnesty International and the battle against child marriages that Oxfam Novib is currently fighting. The other 50 percent of the returns has two different charities per year. They are chosen by customers and volunteers. One must be a local charity, the other one an international project. For 2016 it was the IMC Weekend School in Groningen and Booksteps Uganda (a project that builds as may libraries in Uganda as it can,  in a country that was torn by war for many years. Customers can vote who they think should get the biggest part of the sum of money that is available for both projects.

Books4life Paddepoel Groningen

Books4Life also runs a market stall every now and then. On the agenda for 2017 are the book market at Noorderzon (every year on the last (Sun)day of the festival, this year it’s the 27th of August), the book market at Bommen Berend (every year at the 28 th of August, to celebrate Groningen being freed in 1945) and the book market at Winter Welvaart (a Christmas boats and lights festival in the canals of Groningen festival), every year in the third weekend of December (this year Friday 15 to Sunday 17 December).

Of course you can also donate books yourself.

Books4life Paddepoel Groningen

Shopping center Paddepoel
Dierenriemstraat 144 (in the corner, next to HEMA), Groningen

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