Our 5 favourite spots in Groningen!

Sometimes it feels like we can’t keep up with all the new spots for food and drinks opening their doors in Groningen. We try to update our Groningen cityguide as often as possible. So if you are visiting our city, don’t forget to check our guide. And, our #IloveGroningen tag also contains a lot of information about Groningen. Not only from our perspective, but also from other online influencers. So you’ll get a lot of interesting and diverse views of the city. In this article we tell you all about which 5 things in Groningen you should not skip!

Lots of people ask where they can find the best pie in Groningen. And every time we (still) have to answer: at Bij Britta, in the Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat. They have vegetarian and vegan cake on the menu. The ‘Oude Kijk’ is a street well-known for all its coffee places. If you like specialty coffee MasMas and Black & Bloom are your go to’s.

At the moment 2 fair fashion stores battle for a place in our top 5 spots to visit in Groningen list: Koko Toko and Schone Zaken. Both very different in style and clothes, but great 100% fair and organic collections and friendly owners. We can’t decide which shop wins so it’s up to you to visit both and let us know!

Do you already know the store Het Kaartje, located in the Oosterstraat? It’s the place to go if you like to send people snail mail (real post). They have a huge collection of cards. Are you a real DIY kind of person? Then you can create your own snailmail with materials from stores like Flokstra, Pipoos and Sostrene Grene.

During a citytrip we love to escape the busy streets and all the people, without having to actually leave the city. In Groningen you can step out the busy vibe, into the quiet Prinsentuin. A beautiful green spot in Groningen, which we rediscovered last week: the tea house in De Prinsentuin offers some great drinks (like an iced coffee or a dirt chai), some sweets and lunch.

Food at Fatoush

Groningen offers a wide range of restaurants, so it’s really difficult to choose just 1 favourite. We hope you don’t mind getting 4 tips. Lebanese restaurant Fatoush offers a tasty falafel and a delicious Fatoush salad and lots more great food for the Middle East. De Oude Gasfabriek is located in a monumental building, which gives this restaurant a great feel and vibe. And the food is good too. If you’re more an ‘art on your plate’ kind of person you should definately try the food at Voilà. And if you feel like great Indian food, try Kohinoor (also take away now!). Eventhough these 4 restaurants are very different, they also have a few things in common: they know what hospitality means, the food is great and they also offer vegetarian and plantbased options.

Have you explored Groningen already? If so, please share your favourite spots in the comments below!

Bonus 1!
If you are interested in street art, then you should visit Ebbingekwartier: the place to be for beautiful art works.

Bonus 2!
Janet recently had dinner at Bie de Buuf, located in the Oosterparkwijk in Groningen. More about Bie de Buuf online soon!

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