Why I like to view reality through a rose coloured lens

Rooskleurig roos in Prinsentuin Not so stuffy

There are these moments where you experience very clearly that your reality is quite far from the truth. Do you recognize that feeling? Because of the subjects we write about on this website and our personal interest in a green lifestyle, we are surrounded by people with an interest in those same topics and often also think alike. To us it can sometimes look like half the population is at least a vegetarian or skipping meat and fish for 2-3 days a week. And do you know anyone who does not carry an extra foldable bag in their handbag? But it turns out, when you step into the real world again, that these things are not that common: the reality looks a lot less rosy than it is in my head…  

For a blogpost and for fun we visited a couple of cafes in Groningen. My current view of eating out in Groningen has become one of a for the Netherlands very interesting and accomodating city for veggies and vegans. Not only do we have 2 vegan coffee/lunch spots but also a vegan supermarket. And because there are so many restaurants who cater for every type of eater and there’s a huge vegan community here (mostly because of the large and international student population) I kind of expect restaurants to join in on new trends or idealitic and sustainable choices. Last week we heard 3 times there was no vegan food available, not even soy milk (they ran out) and “We can’t please everyone” with a sigh. When you here that sentence it often also means the food marked on the as vegetarian is not actually vegetarian (cheese with animal rennet or gelatin in cakes for example) and they do not cater for people who like or need to eat gluten free. Vegetarianism, veganism and choosing or needing to eat gluten free are marked as hypes that will bow over. But for some it’s pure necessity.

On social media I am always shocked by the rants of some internet trolls. They seem to be especially active on Twitter and sometimes on Facebook as well, often with a fake account and not to be traced. They also regularly comment on news items or blogposts by fairly large bloggers. These people write the most hideous things, wishing people dead when they vote for another  political party for example. It makes me sad and dissapointed. I really don’t want to think about the idea of stranding on a deserted island with these people and having them as your only change of survival. Ho can people become so nasty and mean?

When it comes to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle, often people will say “It’s no use . What I do does not count when so many people don’t do anything.” It can certainly feel that way sometimes. I often think the same thoughts, but I also do think that it does count. It’s not only me, but you and everyone who reads this and people copy eachother and before you know it 10 people become 100 and 100 become 1000. Like Ghandi said (and this has been my motto for a very long time): “You be the change you wish to see in this world”. You don’t have to do everything right but good intentions and some awareness go a long way.

Sometimes I think it’s for the best I often see things through a rose coloured lens, that my world is filtered by the people surrounding me. If I focus on the positive I am more inclined to do well myself . If I focus on the abuse of human rights, on people who care only about themselves, on people who decide to eat more meat when they hear someone became a vegan, I just get sad and I do not want to feel that way. I want to believe people have good intentions, only sometimes they get messed up. There are lots of people who bring their own bag, choose organic food, fair trade products and enjoy a mostly plantbased meal. There are lots of people who volunteer, who donate to a good cause and help their neighbours. I love to focus on that.

What works for you? What does your personal bubble look like and what do you experience when you step outside? 


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