5 of my favourite veggie recipes!

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Online, on social media (Instagram and Pinterest for example), you can find so many recipes. I love to snoop around on the internet and search for inspiration and tempting looking food pictures. But sometimes I’m just not in the mood, or I have too little time to try something new because there are only 24 hours in one day. On busy weekdays, filled with work and exercising among other things, it’s just convenient to have some ‘go to’ recipes at hand. Recipes you know by heart, dishes you can make without thinking, without having to check your stock because you just know all ingredients are in your cupboard or fridge. In this article I share 5 of my favourite ‘go to’ recipes: all healthy, vegan, simple and delicious.

Back in the day, during my childhood, we never ate breakfast. Most of the time it was a challenge to get to school in time. Nowadays I do have breakfast and most of the time it’s delicious too. This crumptious fruit crumble for example. It is one of our own recipes: easy to prepare, you can mealprepp it a day in advance and it’s healthy.

I found this 1-pan-farro from Smitten Kitchen about a year ago and I have prepared it several times for dinner already. Left overs are great for lunch, so don’t forget to make a little bit extra. It fits my budget (especially at the end of the month), it’s satisfying and tasty. And, it doesn’t leave you with a big pile of dishes to wash. For a real veggie version: leave out the Parmesan cheese.

Janet tried golden milk a lot, at home and in cafes. And of course she made me taste it every time, but I just didn’t really like it that much. Until recently The Minimalist Baker posted her creamy golden milk recipe. I decided to give it a go and to my surprise I really loved it! It’s a warming drink, with ginger and turmeric. And for me it adds some well needed fat to my eating habits because of the coconut milk and the coconut oil.

Always in stock: (spelt) pasta, tomatoes and avocado. With these ingredients you can make this easy and delicious pasta dish. Yes, it’s one of our own recipes, but hey, I just love this dish. Especially the taste of the roasted tomatoes combined with the garlicky avocado sauce…yummy, it almost makes me drool. Did you try this recipe already?

Last but not least: check out this black beans burger from Yellow Lemon Tree. It’s just amazing! I think this is the best burger recipe I have prepared this far. The great thing about it is that it’s also really tasty when eaten cold. So you can add it to a lunch salad (to go, for at work for example). On my vegan days I just leave out the cheese.

Do you have any favourite recipes too? Which veggie ones would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below this article!

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