June just flew by!

Prinsentuin groningen not so stuffy

June had several sunny days, luckily. Isn’t it great, feeling the sun on your face? In Timisoara it was 37 degrees Celsius (in the shadow…). That was a little bit too hot maybe, but we had fun anyway. Did you already enjoy a holiday or (short) trip this summer? For me (Anneloes) June was a month of exercising, reading, looking for a (free online) course, cooking and baking and a lot of other (fun and not so much fun) things.

Not So Stuffy highlights:
In June we started planning an event for in Fall. We are in talks with other parties for a cooperation. This might sound a bit mysterious, but that’s only because the plans aren’t definite yet. We hope to be able to share more soon. In the meantime, in between writing blogposts and other things, behind the scenes we are busy working on our new website. It’s a bit more challenging than expected. Choosing a theme for example: it just feels a bit like a gamble. Because: how do we know if it works, if it has all the features we like, and whether you will like it Tough decisions, so we can really use some help and advice. If you know anyone who might be able to give us some direction, do let us know!

Tape, Arnhem, June 2017

On the road together:
Sometimes we just feel so blessed: being able to do all kinds of daytrips and holidays. Wow! Once in a while it’s important to realise that we are living the good life, if you know what I mean. Right?
– In the beginning of June we spend a few hours in Arnhem: a nice city to check out.
– And at the end of June a citytrip to Timisoara (a Romanian city) was planned. This city is definately worth visiting: you can read all about it on our website soon.

What to read:
– On Janets list was the 7th (and final?) book of the Frida Klein series by Nicci French: “Actually I’m getting a bit bored by the hunt on Dean Reeve, but once you start reading, it’s tempting to keep reading the whole book though…”. Lyrebird by Cecelia Ahern was on her list too (“I read a lot of books in the original version”) and Selfies, the latest book by Jussi Adler-Olsen. Currently reading: Weird in a world that’s not by Jennifer Romolino and Do less, get more by Shaa Wasmund.
– I’m still reading the Erik Winter series by Ake Edwardson. Some books from this series are made into a movie.

What to watch:
– Janet has been watching the 4th season of Velvet, without subtitles. This went surprisingly well, she said. No surprise of course, after so many years of Spanish lessons. By the way, Netflix: Why does it take you this long to add season 3 and 4?
In the beginning of June Janet watched the Swedish series Modus on Netflix. A must see, she says!
– Watching Johnny Depp never seems to be a bad idea, so I ended up at the movies to watch ‘Pirates, dead men tell no tales’ (Salazar’s Revenge 2017). It was ok, but not spectacular.
– I tried watching Girlboss. After 3 episodes I gave up: boring…
– Together we went to the movies to watch The fury of a patient man. In Spanish, so good practice. But definately not a must see.

Food and drinks:
– Together with a few friends Janet had dinner at BlaBla in Groningen: “Hadn’t been there for a while, but still really great food!”.
– Of course she still buys every new ice cream she can find in the supermarket. This time she bought peanut butter cornettos and the vegan raspberry ice cream from Swedish Glace.
– During our stay in Timisoara we ate a lot in restaurants. My favourite drink was a frappé (iced coffee). And to my surprise my favourite dish turned out to be a raw vegan pasta at Bio Fresh. Tasty, fresh ingredients and perfect for hot days.
– Janets favourite drink when she is at home: her homemade iced tea. How to prepare: 1 liter cooled green tea, add parts of lemon, ginger, mint and a little bit of maple syrup. Keeps in the fridge for a few days.
– She also likes her homemade iced coffee: cooled espresso, add 200 ml plantbased coconut milk (the one that contains mostly water from Alphro) and a little bit of maple syrup. Even better when you add a scoop of (vegan) vanilla or coconut ice cream.
– At Aldi you can find Trader Joe’s vegan coconut ice cream. Her favourite: the one with chocolate. “I don’t really like chocolate ice cream, but this one reminds me of Bounty ice cream, mmmm!”.
– Another discovery: Resto VanHarte at Bie de Buuf in the Oosterparkwijk. This is definately going to be a place to eat more often. 3 courses (vegetarian or vegan available too) for only € 7,- (only on Thursdays)!

Bie de buuf resto van harte diner

Main course at Resto VanHarte

Shopping adventures:
– Janet bought 2 basic tops and a T-shirt from the sustainable collection at We Women. She also found a second-hand top in Timisoara, together with a vintage charm.
Janet heard that ZARA offers some kind of a conscious collection, just like H&M, so mid June we went to ZARA to check it out. Besides, ZARA gets a C on RankaBrand which makes it one of the shops we go to once in a while. There was only a small part of the conscious collection in the shop, and I was really tempted to buy this floral jumpsuit… (not part of the collection) but ended up not buying it.
– That day we also went to We Women and Mango to check their organic collection.
– C&A offers tops and t-shirts, in a Cradle to cradle collection. They use organic cotton and clothes can be recycled completely. We both bought a T-shirt (€ 7 – € 10) in a different model: comfy material, great for summer and easy on our budgets.

– Janet listened to a podcast of Jessica Murnane, with the British Ruby Warrington of The Numinous and writer of the book Material Girl, Mystical World about not wanting to have children. And she listened to an interview by Katie Dalebout with Danielle LaPorte. She really loves the interviews with writer LaPorte, really inspiring!

Theetuin Prinsentuin

Fun discoveries:
– Janet: “Romania is such a great country! And doing fashion shoots while traveling is a lot of fun, takes less time and is easier because you don’t know anybody that might be watching”.
– Marcels Green Soap, which you can buy at WAAR.
– The tea house in the Prinsentuin in Groningen: the perfect place if you are looking for a green and quiet spot in the middle of the city.
– I discovered vegan raw food can be really tasty and good, especially on hot summer days.

Instagram picture with the most likes in June 2017:

What did have June in store for you? Let us know in the comments below!


For De Hippe Vegetariër we wrote a blogpost about De Herbivoor in Groningen. Isabel already posted our article so don’t forget to check it!

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