The best things in July

This is probably the first time in a long time of Dutch Summers that it has been consistently warm (about 20/21 degrees Celsius) in combination with lots and lots of rain. I am seriously considering buying a really cool rain coat that also doubles as a coat. One that does not stick to your skin when it’s hot and that looks stylish (even though this is impossible, according to Anneloes). I would love one from Rains, but my favourite one is by Agu (called the Storm Silda) and I think Agu is not a fair and sustainable brand. Does anyone have any tips for me here? 

The Not So Stuffy highlights:
Someone we found on is working on our brand new website and so far we are pretty content. We think it should take about a week or two before we can fill it with old and new content and hopefully it will be online before Autumn comes. We like Fiverr, it’s a great way “to delegate” some of your chores that you’re not good at. It’s the first time we are working with this platform. Are you familiar with it?
Also we think it would be really great to meet up with other sustainable (green) bloggers. Are you a green blogger and would you like this as well, please let us know!

Terrace hidden between the plants at Cafe Grunstreifen in Oldenburg

On the road together:
Mid July we took a one day road trip with the lads of Dandy & The City and OogstGroningen. The destination was German city on the other side of the border Oldenburg and at night we had dinner in Bad Zwischenahn, a lake about 15 kilometres from Oldenburg. When we cross the border, we always get an instant holiday feeling. And having an alfresco lunch in between lots of green, or at a lake definately adds to that holiday feeling. Such a pleasure, a relaxing day in agreeable company.
On a rainy Sunday we decided to go for a walk in the woods (see intro picture). We had been postponing this for a while because of the rain but when it keeps on raining on most days, why not just go and put your rain boots on, right?  The starting point of our walk was in Anloo (near Zuidlaren, about 15 kilometres from Groningen). The weather was very unsteady: sometimes it was raining, sometimes there were rays of sunlight. We walked through the woods, moorlands and fields of potato plants and we saw grave hills, ancient car traces and hunebeds. In the distance we even saw a shephard with his herd of sheep. Too much for us city girls ;-) We whiffed up the great smells so we’re good for a few days.

Reading material:
Janet read the third and last part of Sante Montefiores trilogy about the Deverills: Kitty, Bridie and Celia, in Ballinakelly, a little village near the coast in the south west of Ireland. Too bad ‘The last secret of the Deverills’ is the last novel.
Janet also read ‘You are a bad-ass’ by Jen Sincero (must read!).
Anneloes read the last part of the Erik Winter series, by Ake Edwardson. She also found time to read 2 magazines from the huge staple of magazines on her table. She chose Zin and German magazine Slow. The last one had ‘hyggeligkeit’ as a theme,  a very popular subject these days. She also read the Kampioen (the magazine by the road guard in The Netherlands), looking for a good offer for a few days away at the end of August. Does anyone have a suggestion?

What to watch:
Janet had a month of documentaries: Embrace, What the health, Chasing Coral and she watched the movie To the bone. She recommeds the movie while Anneloes watched it as well and she was quite dissapointed with it.
She also watched Embrace and What the Health, plus the series 13 reasons why. She does recommend that one!

Food and drinks:
-In Oldenburg Anneloes had an amazing iced spicy chai latte at Heimathaven. This address is also perfect if you like cake. Janet had an amazing grapefruit pear pistachio cake here.
-Janet prepared rice mulberry balls from the new book Vegan by Kyra de Vreeze. She likes them when eaten on the same day, but when you keep them they get a bit bitter. Maybe because of the hemp seeds?
-For a blog about the best iced coffees in Groningen we also tried some iced coffees. The one from Het Concerthuis with orange and cane sugar syrup is a winner according to both of us.
-Chocolate by German brand GeWe you can buy at larger Wereldwinkels (like the one in Grunn). Some of the flavours are vegan. Really good!
– We love the sandwiches at Rose Des Sables in the Nieuwe Boteringestraat. Take them to go and have them on the steps of the platform at the Grote Markt.

Shopping avontures:
July was a quiet month when it came to spending money on shopping. Anneloes did try on a few different pairs of Komodo summer shoes at Kokotoko. She loved them but doesn’t have a pair yet. If you’re looking for cute fair and sustainable shoes, do bring a visit. She is also considering buying a top by Armed Angels but she’s waiting for new shopping budget.
Janet went to the thrift store to look for a vintage necklace but instead bought a pair of shorts and a striped T-shirt for just €5. She’ll probably take this with her to Athens in September. She’s not really a fan of shorts but they are ideal on Summer holiday for active days.

Follow the sun by Xavier Rudd was used at the end of the movie To the bone, although it was sung by Caroline Pennell. I’m still not sure whose version I like best. Maybe they are not even comparable. Listen for yourself…


Best discoveries:
– This movie sounds really great for when I would not be able to sleep someday: Baa Baa Land, watching sheep doing nothing for 8 long hours… Genius!
– Weedy sea dragons. I first heard of them in the documentary Chasing Coral and they look a bit like really colourful sea horses. They are so cute. I almost wish to learn to dive… and fly to Australia for that.
– WeCycle. I was wondering what to do with my batteries, old phones and lamps and on this site you can search for return points for recycle in your neighbourhood.

Instagramfoto with the most likes (99) in July:


July turned out to be a quiet Summer month, just as August will probably be. It’s high season and we both don’t tend to travel in those months because of the high costs and the bustle. What did you do, read or watch in July? We’d love to know!

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