Veggie food in Hannover (Germany)

In May we visited Hannover for a couple of days: a very colourful city with a lot to offer in different areas. The question remains whether or not this city has plenty to offer when it comes to veggie and vegan food. Of course we tried to find as many veggie food places as possible during our 2 and a half day trip to this German city. This is what we found…

Going on a green, sustainable, fair fashion and veggie food hunt in new cities, is just the thing for us two wander women. As you might know, Janet is always in the mood for some pie and I just love a delicious coffee once in a while. Hannover has so many cafés and bars to check out. In this article you can read all about the 3 places we tried for coffee and cake.

  1. Our city guide suggested going to Café Centrum, in upcoming quarter Linden. During the city tour he treated us to drinks and cakes here. And yes indeed, Café Centrum is right up our alley: vintage feel and vibe combined with delicious drinks and sweets, with plenty of vegan options too, yay! The drinks, a hot chocolate and a chai latte, the chocolate soufflé and carrot cake were very tasty. What a pity a big part of this place is reserved for smokers. 
  2. Café Glücksmoment, great name, right?! And indeed this was a lucky moment: Café Glücksmoment offers the most delicious cakes. We ordered a piece of strawberry and lemon pie and it was hard to resist ordering a 2nd piece. Scrumptiously good! The drinks were tasty too: a latte macchiato and an iced coffee. The interior was not really to my taste though: wooden tables, chairs, long coaches and some broquante details. But there’s a cosy atmosphere and the waitress was friendly. 
  3. Café Bar wasn’t on our list, we just passed by and it looked like a nice spot. We were thirsty and needed a well deserved break so we decided to just check it out. Oh, and we heard the owner is Dutch!  Janet had a Fritz Melon and I had a chai latte. The chai latte was nice, but it just can’t beat the delicous and spicy one Anne at Bij Britta always prepares for us.  The lemon pie was not too sweet and a little bit tangy: perfect.

With almost 3 days to spend in Hannover, it was also necessary to find places to enjoy a veggie lunch. On our day of arrival a falafel wrap on the go was what we had for lunch: we needed something fast because our drive took longer than we thought and our city guide was already waiting for us. The next day we tried Love it healthy for lunch. This place is located in a shopping promenade, nearby the main train station. It’s not a very cosy place, but for take-out it’s perfect. A lot of healthy and veggie options, a hot day menu, juices and smoothies. Our kind of food and it tasted great. We had the barley with green asparagus dish, vegan and tasty.

For dinner we have 2 great suggestions: a burger place and a Syrian restaurant.
Burgernah, it’s 100% vegan and you can find it in the quarter Linden. They offer delicious burgers, with fries and a bun or a salad. If you are in the mood for a quick and tasty bite to eat this is definately a good place to visit.  What we don’t understand is why so many vegan places are actually kind of fast food restaurants instead of normal restaurants. Most of the time we prefer enjoying healthy and tasty vegan food, not fried food. In Hannover we didn’t mind though and really enjoyed our burgers. The Burgernah interior is simple and basic, the people were very friendly and the food was tasty. 

– Syrian restaurant Al Dar was on our list of restaurants to try. Lucky for us, we had a reservation (thanks to the hotel staff). It was really busy: all tables were occupied. That’s a good sign, right? The mezze looked delicious: all kinds of different small dishes to share, with some flat bread. The falafel was great: we ordered a 2nd serving. The great thing about the middle eastern kitchen is that it’s based on vegetables. So, for a vegetarian or vegan there are a lot of options on the menu to choose from. We like!

Hannover has a lot more bars and restaurants with veggie options. Too many to try all of them, in just 2 and a half days. Have you ever been to Hannover? Which address is on your list?





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