Dinner at cafe bistro Kult in Groningen

Kult cafe, Groningen, Not so stuffyLast weekend we had dinner at Cafe-bistro Kult in Groningen with a group of blogger friends. The cafe is located in the Steentilstraat and for me I mostly associate this street with people smoking weed and getting their drug fix. All of us had never been at Kult before. We had heard of it a number of times because there’s a lot of vegan choices on the menu. It was about time we checked it out. 

Kult cafe Groningen Janet

Cafe Kult Groningen, Anneloes

When the weather permits, al fresco dining is possible on the outdoor patio. The drinks menu offers cinnamon chai latte, Fritz Kola, Club Mate and cocktails among others. The menu is written on 2 blackboards inside and is subject to availability. Anneloes and I were mostly interested in the veggie and vegan options and we have to say, they have a good offfer (might even be more than the fish and meat options!).

Vegan nut fondue, Cafe Kult, Groningen, Not so stuffy

Vegan nut fondue at Kult, Groningen

Vegan samosa salad at Kult, Groningen

Vegan dinner salad with vegetable samosas

To give you an idea of the vegan mains: Italian vegetable pate with cucumber flower and parsley pesto, a dinner salad with samosas and coriander dressing (the vegetarian version is with goats cheese croquettes) and a nut fondue with bread and salad (can also be served vegetarian as a blue cheese fondue). Among the main dishes you’ll find vegan “bitterballen” – a typically Dutch snack which usually have a meaty ragout inside), fried onion rings and the veggie samosas (that are also a part of the dinner salad). There are several vegan desserts, vegan tiramisu cake being one of them. It was difficult to choose! Prices are low to average: a bowl of soup is €3,50 and main courses vary in price from €7,50 to €15,50. 

Kult vegan bitterballen, groningen, Not so stuffy

We decided to share the bitterballen and the samosas with the 6 of us (we all thought they were really jum!) and Anneloes ordered the dinner salad and I chose the nut fondue. The salad was huge and tasted really good. The fondue was amazing. Great replacement for a cheese fondue and I would love to eat it again tonight. Everyone in our group who tried the fondue thought it was really great. The meat and fish dishes tasted good. The only thing that wasn’t so great was the vegetarian mozzarella quiche (it was the quiche of the week). Unfortunately there was no room for dessert anymore so I guess I’ll have to go back another time to try that tiramisu cake. Too bad… ;-)

Kult (inside) cafe, Groningen

Kult is a sustainable restaurant. The interior is second-hand, the used food products are mostly organic and fair trade. The interior is simple and colourful, a bit sixties with lots of green and pink, which works well as it is a bit dark inside because it’s partly underground. There’s art on the wall from young artists. After dinner you can easily play a game here, read a book or work on your laptop. They even organize bingo nights! (more info on their website) And if you’re a smoker, there’s also a small room for smoking, but maybe it’s better to quit ;-)

Kult has passed our test: definately a go to when you are looking for a casual dinner address in Groningen!

Cafe-bistro Kult, and FB: https://www.facebook.com/cafebistro.kult/
Steentilstraat 36-1, Groningen


Kult NSS

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