Money saving tip for holidays: have you ever tried this?

Walking from East London to Canary Wharf

We love to go on a trip as much as we can: short, long, a city, a roadtrip, a relaxing beach holiday… But unfortunately our budgets are a little short to travel as often as we want. That’s why we always look for cheaper options so we can go more often. It’s always a good thing to accomodate your destination to what’s on sale in a certain period. And we also love to stay over in friends, or family’s houses or swap house with someone we do not know really well. 

This picture and the intro pic were taken during our walk to Canary Wharf (read below). Definately a great neighbourhood. I would love to own a house here someday! 

We prefer a house that’s temporarily uninhabited because the owners are on a holiday. The empty house becomes our (holiday) home for the time being. We did this quite often with the houses my brother lived in when he was living in London for 4 years. He went on a family/holiday trip to Argentina with his then live-in girlfriend and we stayed in their house for about 10 days. It was my favourite London trip ever. We had so much time to explore the neighbourhood (East-London, close to Brick Lane) and we even walked (great way to save some money and the healthy choice, right?!) to Canary Wharf instead of taking public transportation. The car had a free parking spot, an empty lot belonging to the flat a friend of my brothers lived in. It was perfect!

Canary Wharf, Londen

We made it to Canary Wharf!

While I’m typing this blog, I’m staying at my brothers house. He currently lives in The Hague. There are extra bedrooms and it’s no problem for me staying here. The house is empty during the day anyway and I also get to work for a bit, while I also have dates with friends living around here. I also do the shopping, cook the occasional meal and do the laundry. I love that the sea is only a few minutes away: I enjoy walking on the beach, smelling the ocean, listening to the wind, watching the waves… We don’t have that in Groningen unfortunately.

When my brother moved from his East-London apartment, this Orme Court apartment next to Hyde Park became his house and our holiday apartment.

If you don’t know anyone whose house you can borrow or swap with and do all your friends and family live nearby? Then maybe it’s an option to swap houses with a stranger. There are sites for houseswapping online for example. You can talk to them first, to see if you “fit” in eachothers house: if you have kids it might be a good idea to swap with a family who also has kids the same age for instance. Also search for people who share your ideas on how to use any homeware and valuables.

Orme Court, Londen

The Orme Court location was amazing.

New Years in Londen

And if you can’t find someone to swap with then there are websites like AirBnB and Homeway where people offer their home for money (even though real homes are hard to find these days and it often is just as expensive as staying in a hotel).

Do you like the idea of a home swap with someone? With what kind of person would you like to swap? Do you know any good websites or organizations for swapping or do you have any tips? We would love to hear from you! 



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