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Reitdiephaven Groningen Not so stuffy

For this month’s looking back post we always use a homemade template. And right where I’m typing now it says “Inspiring intro text”. There’s nothing as discouraging as those 3 words, because how do you do that, ‘just write some inspiring words”? We are also always in doubt if we are going to put another edition of this monthly blogpost online. What do you think? Stay or go when the new website is online? For now we have this new edition for you with lots of things to read and watch and eat. Enjoy! 

The Not So Stuffy highlights:
We had been wanting to try cafe bistro Kult in Groningen for a long time. We convinced some of our fellow bloggers to join us for a fun night out. Want to know what we had at Kult and what we think of the food? You can read about it here.
We keep on changing the theme of the new website we’ve been working on for a couple of months now. None of the themes really seem to work after a few changes have been made. We are now thinking about paying for a theme. Have you ever paid for a theme and where you happier with it?
We also took 5 lovely ladies on a guided tour of our city. We all had a great time and we love doing this more often. Interested?Send us an email.

On the road together:
Of course we visited Noorderzon, Groningen’s yearly cultural and performing arts festival in the park. We watched 2 performances and we had a lovely vegan buckwheat crepe with brown sugar and cinnamon. Jum!
We also took some time to thrift our way around Groningen, mostly looking for winter coats. We would both love to buy a new one: of course fair and sustainable. But there’s not much choice there yet and they are all quite expensive. If you have any suggestions… Anneloes is looking for a parka and a wooln coat and Janet is looking for a wool knee lenght coat that has really long sleeves (she’s tall).

Reading material:
– Anneloes read Tara Stiles’s book Powerfood, yoga and meditation.
– Janet read Plan B by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg about resilience after something really bad happens in your life. She also read fiction novels We by David Nicholls and Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichi and Dutch novel Het tegenovergestelde van een mens by Lieke Marsman (no translation).
– This blogpost by blogger Lee from America really appealed to me: http://www.leefromamerica.com/blog/2017/5/1/cycle-syncing. It’s about hormones and how you can have a much easier time with your hormones, your period and your cycle. After quiting the pil last year this suddenly is something I need to care about.
– I personally only read the personal blogposts by De Groene Meisjes (a Dutch sustainable blog) and this month I read 2: Dingen waarover ik het afgelopen jaar niet altijd eerlijk was and Babe, you got this. They’re only in Dutch. In the first post she talked about how she hadn’t always been honest with the world about certain things like for instance not sticking to a completely vegan diet or not telling anyone she had been taking a plane, while claiming to live a sustainable lifestyle. We personally think people shouldn’t be so hard on themselves and not make such rigid rules. And if you feel the need to lie, think about this: feeling to need to be perfect all the time and keeping up this image only makes life more complicated for you and everyone around you.

Binge watching:
– Janet watch Norwegian thriller series Mammon, about a journalist whose brother kills himself because of a scandal that turns out to be much bigger than anyone thought. She also watched Spanish movie Contratiempo about a business man who is acused of murdering the woman he had an affair with. It’s quite surprising and a really good story.
– Anneloes likes documentaries and this month she was into two about abductions. She watched Story of a monster; Josef Fritzl while she was working out. This man held his daughter captive for years. She also just started watching Captive for 18 years; The Jaycee Lee story.

Food and drink:
– Lots of iced coffees, for example at MasMas, Bartista, Lavazza and in The Hague and Scheveningen beach
– The vegan ‘filet americain’ by the Vegetarian Butcher (so good!!)
– The food at Kult, especially the vegan nut fondue (see above)
– The vegan pizza at Buurman & Buurman (blogpost soon online)
– French toast and cake at Pistache in The Hague
– Anneloes is experimenting at home with cookbook The first mess (turns out to be quite a success after all!) and Janet with Veggiestan (a vegetarian cookbook with recipes from the Middle East).
– Janet found Vegan, the new cookbook by Kyra de Vreeze and borrowed it. While it has some good recipes it’s not really my kind of cookbook. When it comes to vegan cooking I still can’t live without ‘Isa does it’ and nothing can beat it if you ask me.

Shopping  adventures:
– Anneloes bought 2 cool pairs of jeans at Reshare in Groningen and also a top to work out in and a pair of sandals which actually are impossible to walk in, as it turns out, because the sole of the shoe won’t bend. Together it was 18 euros. At Mamamini thrift store she found a sporty pair of short pants (knee length) to take on holiday. It was just €2,50. Secondhand shopping is not only sustainable but also good for your wallet.
– Janet and her mother went on a day trip to Amsterdam. She finally bought her much wanted sustainable rain coat by Rains. So good to have one when living in The Netherlands. She also spent a couple of days in The Hague where she only spent money on food.

I listened to this episode of Marie Forleo – Reprogram your subconcious mind – in a podcast version while I was working out. I also listened to some of her other episodes (she has so many and they are really inspiring if you work as a freelancer).

Leukste ontdekkingen:
– We visited secondhand store Find at the Damsterdiep in Groningen. We’ll post a blogpost about this store soon.
– That there are actually coats with very long sleeves, I mean sleeves that also suit a tall womans arms.
– The colourful Reitdiephaven, a new water richt neighbourhood with a harbour on the outskirts of Groningen.

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That’s it. This might be the last edition. Will you let us know if you want to keep on reading our month blogposts, or maybe just a part of it? 

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