The best pizza ever in Groningen!

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Back in the days Napoli and l’Italia were THE go to places in Groningen for pizza. To get ready for a night out in town, or just because you didn’t feel like cooking. Over the years I developed a more acquired taste. Free translation: I turned into a spoiled brat who only wants delicious pizza made in Italy. And yes, finding divine pizzas in The Netherlands, let alone in Groningen, is quite the challenge. So without expectations we went to Buurman & Buurman for pizza, after a visit to festival Noorderzon.

As it turns out, Buurman & Buurman offers the next best thing: greatdeliciousandscrumptious pizza! This place is located nearby the Noorderplantsoen, Groningens park in the center of the city. This location is convenient when you’re relaxing in the park and crave a yummy bite to eat.

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Their online statement: “The best pizza in Groningen!” is quite a big statement to live up to, and you know the two of us can be quite the nuisance when it comes to food, right? But, at Buurman & Buurman they serve a pretty convincing pizza! A perfect thin and tasty crust, delicious toppings and an interesting combination of flavours. We shared the vegan roasted veggie pizza (with yellow beet) and the green veggie pizza and didn’t leave a crumb. Definately a must eat, at this place!
We loved watching the pizza baker working his magic with their wood-fired oven, baking one pizza after another.

What’s your favourite place to go for pizza? We would love to hear your tips!

Eetwinkel Buurman & Buurman
Rodeweg 6, Groningen


Bonus: look at that fire in the oven and the guy preparing the pizzas!

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