Art on the street. Athens, Greece. Part II

Street art by INO, Athens, Greece. Wander Women blog

About one and a half years ago Anneloes visited Athens, the capital of Greece. She wrote a few posts about her adventures in the capital and one was about the most beautiful street art she encountered on her walks. I just got back from an 8 day trip to Athens and it’s surrondings and I also looked around when I was wandering trough this amazing city. Funny enough I found completely different murals from Anneloes. Athens has so much street art. A lot of it was commissioned, mostly before the Olympics of 2004. Also, the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens even offers a course on street painting. So no wonder the artists (like for example INO) are really good and famous around the world. 

Street art Athens sept 17 Wander Women blog

Praying Hands. This mural by Pavlos Sakonas is inspired by a painting of Albrecht Dührer and was made on commission. You can find it on a street leading up to Omonia Square next to a small parking lot. The intro pictures is located just a few metres from this one, also in a parking lot on the same street and side of the street.


Street art by INO, Athens, Greece, Wander Women blog

Just like the intro pic and the picture below, this is a painting by INO and it’s called “System of a Fraud”. You can also find this one in a side street just of Omonia Square where the Bread Factory is located on the corner.


Street art by INO in Athens, Wander Women blog

Another INO. This artist is really good!


Art in metro station Syntagma, Athens, Wander Women blog

Not only did I see lots of beautiful street art but I am really in love with this work of art I notice when looking up in Syntagma metro station just before I entered the platform to something with Marina in the name (not the direction of the airport).


Vintage commercial art Athens, Greece, Wander Women

This vintage advertisement for cigarettes also got my attention. But still… no smoking kids ;-)

Street art, Athens, Greece, Wander Women

Street art Athens, Greece, Wander Women

Street art Athens, heart war, Wander Women

This heart with a war picture is definately one of my favourites but online I can’t find any info. You can find it coming out of Kerameikos underground and looking behind you. Does anyone know the artist?

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