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We 2 Stuffies discovered it was time to start over: fresh and brand new. That’s why we decided to launch a new website and we gave ourselves a new name. Our 1st blogpost at Wander Women is about (our) friendschip. Curious? Do click on the picture above or visit Wander Women online!

3 reusable bottles in the spotlight!

Plastic is everywhere these days: on the streets, in the parks, on the beach, in the oceans; plastic disposable bottles and cups for water, juices, coffee and other drinks, straws and packaging. And all this plastic is bad for the environment, we all know this. There are lots of easy solutions to this plastic polution. I personally really love buying hot (or cold) drinks to-go to take with me to work, in the car or in the train. Some time ago I thought it was definately time to start using more sustainable options instead of using disposables for this luxury. [Read more…]

What happened in August

Reitdiephaven Groningen Not so stuffy

For this month’s looking back post we always use a homemade template. And right where I’m typing now it says “Inspiring intro text”. There’s nothing as discouraging as those 3 words, because how do you do that, ‘just write some inspiring words”? We are also always in doubt if we are going to put another edition of this monthly blogpost online. What do you think? Stay or go when the new website is online? For now we have this new edition for you with lots of things to read and watch and eat. Enjoy! 
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Sweaty Betty

“Ugh, what a bad smell. Do you notice it too? Sweat…”, or
“Oh my, look at the wet stains in his clothes, all the way down to his hips”.
In a way I feel a little bit ashamed, lower my head and pretend I don’t here these kind of conversations. That could be about me, comments like that. And that feels awkward and it makes me feel sad. Believe me, sweat is not my favourite subject to write about, it feels a bit embarassing. But, there are still so many subjects we don’t feel like talking about, things that make us feel uneasy, like your stool or sex for example. Maybe we should just talk about things like that openly, without feeling weird about it, it’s all part of being human, right?

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