Timisoara citytrip destination

Last year Anneloes noticed an unknown city in the list of Ryanair destinations; Timisoara. We had never heard of this city before. After having spoken to a few people (some of them big fans of traveling to Romania) we decided to just take a chance and book a flight to Timisoara. The people who shared their travel experiences to Romania with us, told us very different stories. Some really like traveling to this country and recognize its charm. For others the poverty and the language are quite discouraging (even though Romanian is a Romance language, having it’s origins in Latin) and they would rather go on holiday somewhere else. Flights for only € 16  per person were too cheap to resist. 

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Street art in Timisoara (Romania)

A citytrip to Timisoara (in Romania) was on our agenda at the end of June. Most of the people we told about our trip had never heard of this city before. Until Ryanair added it to their destination list, we hadn’t heard of it before either. Plane tickets were available for less than € 20,- (from Weeze, Germany) and because we had never been to Romania before, we decided to take a chance. It’s just so much fun to explore new places! Timisoara is not only a beautiful city (as you can see in our article Timisoara through our eyes), you can also find a lot of street art here. In this article we share our favourites. [Read more…]

Picture album Timisoara, Romania

 Intro pic timisoara photo album post

No words necessary, just pictures. This is a first impression of Timisoara, the third largest city in Romania. We went here for a couple of days just two weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. Timisoara, pronounced: Tim-my-sjhw-arrah in Romanian, if that seems logical ;-). To give you a pretty complete picture in this article you’ll find photos in different categories: parks, people, food, architecture, cityview, daily life… We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!  [Read more…]

Green shopping in Hannover, Germany

Hannover green shopping blogpost adresses

When we arranged to visit Hannover in Germany, we did some quick research online and we concluded this could be a green shopping heaven possibly. Not only did we have a number of vintage shops to visit but also quite a large list with shops that sell fair trade and organic sustainable fashion. Yay! Not that we were planning on spending a lot of money on clothes, but still… we did have some green fashion wishes on both our lists for summer. Curious to find out what kind of shops Hannover has to offer?  [Read more…]

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