Art on the street. Athens, Greece. Part II

Street art by INO, Athens, Greece. Wander Women blog

About one and a half years ago Anneloes visited Athens, the capital of Greece. She wrote a few posts about her adventures in the capital and one was about the most beautiful street art she encountered on her walks. I just got back from an 8 day trip to Athens and it’s surrondings and I also looked around when I was wandering trough this amazing city. Funny enough I found completely different murals from Anneloes. Athens has so much street art. A lot of it was commissioned, mostly before the Olympics of 2004. Also, the Academy of Fine Arts in Athens even offers a course on street painting. So no wonder the artists (like for example INO) are really good and famous around the world.  [Read more…]

Athens through my eyes (Greece)

Athene startfoto 2 straatbeeldblogWandering through Athens (Greece) was so great, my mom and I loved exploring the city. Discovering lots of narrow streets, beautiful buildings, nice squares and the old parts of Athens Anafiotika and Plaka. So many things to do and see. Like to discover more about Athens? Then check out our pictures and see what Athens looks like through our eyes…
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Street art in Athens (Greece)

Athene, street art startfoto april2016

Only 2 months ago, my mom and I were exploring Athens (Greece), and we loved this city! Through AirBnB we rented an apartment in a quarter of Athens which felt a bit like downtown Athens. An area with lots of  high flats, many inhabitants, not so green (hardly any trees and parks), lots of traffic and a lot of graffiti. I mean A LOT of graffiti, really. There’s no turning a corner without seeing any street art. I love sharing our favourites with you.

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Vintage in Athens, Greece

Vintage in Athens (Greece) Conceptstore startfoto Athene
Vintage in Athens, Greece? I had no clue Athens (the capital of Greece) has so much to offer. 5 days wasn’t enough to see and do everything that was on my list. While preparing for this trip and searching online for useful info about Athens, I didn’t look for vintage clothing stores though, because I just assumed there weren’t any in this city. Imagine my surprise when my mom and I bumped into the Concept Store Art & Industry, I couldn’t resist checking it out!

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