The new success (8): “I’m on my way and like always, too late.”

Foto blog altijd te laat

That sentence in the title of this blog, it’s a translation of a sentence from a song by Dutch vocal duo Acda & De Munnik. The song is called ‘Wait for me’. (And now I am actually taking a break to listen to this song on YouTube. It’s so beautiful. I love it…) In the personal world of lifestyle and travel bloggers there’s a lot of activity. You can see that by looking at the Instagram posts, Facebook messages and you can read the blogs about the adventures. Sometimes I feel like I – as a lifestyle blogger – can’t keep up. While the rest of this song doen not really concern me, I feel like this one sentence ‘I’m on my way but – like always – I’m too late’, really does.   [Read more…]

The new success (7): Why we don’t belong…

We horen er niet bij

We never really fitted in… with the blogging generation of our times. We are too old (37 and 39 years old), we are not eager enough, often we don’t care enough if something possible earns us money (we choose fun instead) and the thing that differentiates us most is the fact that we hate shooting selfies and we rather not have our pictures upon our blog. And especially the last thing does seem to be a bit of a problem: making yourself the face of your blog often seems to play an important factor in the success of a blog. Or so it seems …  [Read more…]

Good intentions vs fun intentions


First and formost we wish you a very pleasant and inspiring 2016! Have you formulated some good intentions for today and all days to come? Or are you going to wait one more day until the second of January? I used to start with my new good habits on the second day of the new year because the first of January is such a weird day. You probably have a lot of not so healthy food left and the gyms are closed. You see: I assume you have goals set that are related to health and fitness. That’s often the case, isn’t it?  [Read more…]

Do you want more time?

Illustratie meer tijd

Do you always feel like having to little time? That feeling when you finally have a bit of time to yourself you should actually go to bed because you haven’t slept that well lately because you were so busy? That the days literally fly by? And you’ve also read several time management books but none of them got you anywhere because you were in your old ‘no time’ habits before you knew it? Read on… [Read more…]

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