This was … January

A brand new year calls for a new type of blog, right? Check out our first end of the month post!  There’s sort of a looking back part and a lot of tips and inspiration: things we read, we saw, we heared and so on… The activities we shared in Breakdeweek will appear on Facebook and Twitter. So this is the first end of the month post and it’s sort of an experiment. Will you let us know what you think? We can make this more interesting with your help! [Read more…]

It’s the season to be… reading!

Do you know what my favourite part in magazines is? It’s not recipes, it’s book tips. I really like reading the interviews with writers for example. To be honest, I like all these book tips more than the magazine in general. Articles in magazines share basic info, books are more profound and that’s what I prefer. We 2 Stuffies both love reading so it’s definately fun to share some of our book tips. And, if you like to share some of your book tips with us, please do, don’t be shy!
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My veggie great uncle: The good life

rp_Wicher-2-foto-huis-300x225.jpgA while ago I started reading ‘The good life : Helen and Scott Nearing’s sixty years of self sufficient living’ by Helen and Scott Nearing. The couple first wrote this book in 1952 and rewrote it in 1970 with some extra information. You could call them ‘excentric’: they lived as vegans, raw vegans and they lived from their edible garden for as much as they could. They did not want to join the American rat race, did not want to just work for money and just work some more for money … [Read more…]

Reading through winter

boek harknessBecause we both love to read and in these cold winter months there’s nothing better than cosying up under your favorite plaid, with your favorite cup of tea and a good read, we thought we’d give you the names of some of the books we’ve been reading lately and we absolutely loved. Do you have any must reads for us? We love to hear from you.

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