A crumbly and fruity breakfast

A while ago my favourite breakfast was these baked oats (which taste like apple pie). But after a while I had enough and started my days with all kinds of other things. Such as smoothies, chia pudding and (vegan) yoghurt with homemade granola and fruit. What’s your favourite food in the morning? At the moment a fruit crumble is what I prefer. It’s easy to prepare, healthy, delicious and it only contains a few ingredients. If you like to excercise before breakfast, this recipe is great too: you can prepare the crumble and just put it in the oven when you’re ready for breakfast after your workout.

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Guave or acai bowl?

acai bowl recipe intro not so stuffy

A few times I have been wanting to order an acai bowl in a restaurant, but the high price always turned me off a bit (approx. €9). I decided to look for frozen acai myself but here in The Netherlands it was only available through post order or you had to go for the powdered version which does not sound nearly as good to me. I had almost forgotten about the whole acai thing when by surprise I noticed frozen acai at Jumbo when I was looking at the vegan sherbet icecream section. Jumbo now sells 1 person portions for only €1,29 and it’s almost 70% acai (the rest is guarana and some other stuff). Guarana is kind of like coffee for energie and there’s nothing wrong with that in the morning, right?  [Read more…]

Hot fruit porridge with granola (vegan)

hot fruit porridge with granola vegan notsostuffy.nl

For a few mornings I had been craving my homemade granola as part of my breakfast. But I did not have any (plantbased) yoghurt in my home and my ideas of what to use granola for in a breakfast are not very extensive. I could only come up with yoghurt. That was until I thought maybe pureed banana or mango as a replacement would also work. It tried but it was just a tad boring. So I decided to experiment with pureed fruit as a porridge. The granola is optional in this hot fruit porridge with granola. If you don’t have any, the porridge is just as good without. And you could even add a little more oatflakes to the recipe in that case, to make it more filling. If you feel like making granola right now, this recipe is a good starter. I’m a fan of this hot (it’s icy cold in The Netherlands right now), but it works well cooled down too. You could also bring it to your work and eat it later. I love to know what you think! 

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Black Forest Cherry Buckwheat Porridge


For two years I’ve been trying to like buckwheat, mostly because I like to eat as diverse as possible. It’s not been a success though. I simply do not like the taste and the texture. Not as a grain companying a dinner, not as a milky drink, not for pancakes, not in cookies, just not … Until I decided to try a breakfast recipe from Rens Kroes’s On The Go cookbook where she soaks it overnight and purees it into a porridge. I was surprised. This was the first time I somehwat liked it. And I decided if I like this, I could do better. A few weeks later I decided to start trying with the recipe I had in my head. I wanted something with cherries and chocolate, like the famous German Black Forest Cherry Pie. I experimented a bit (experimenting is the best!) and eventually came up with this recipe for a soft porridge. I really really love it and I eat it regularly now. And you don’t have to soak the buckwheat overnight in my recipe. I think that’s a big plus! 

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