Money saving tip for holidays: have you ever tried this?

Walking from East London to Canary Wharf

We love to go on a trip as much as we can: short, long, a city, a roadtrip, a relaxing beach holiday… But unfortunately our budgets are a little short to travel as often as we want. That’s why we always look for cheaper options so we can go more often. It’s always a good thing to accomodate your destination to what’s on sale in a certain period. And we also love to stay over in friends, or family’s houses or swap house with someone we do not know really well.  [Read more…]

Vintage loods 7 (used to be Mona Lisa Vintage), Groningen


For years our favourite vintage clothing store in Groningen was located at Schuitendiep, on the edge of the city centre. When her lease ended, owner Liesbeth thought about all the stuff she wanted to sell in her small store which she did not have room for and she decided to move to a warehouse at one of the industrial sites of Groningen. She closed for the summer, and reopened last week at her new location on the Ulgersmaweg. Of course we decided to pay her a visit right away but when we were driving there we were thinking: will it look good? In a cold and grey warehouse? We were really surprised when we entered… 

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Animal friendly eating in Hamburg, Germany

animal friendly eating in hamburg germany

At the end of april we spend some time in Hamburg again, just like in the summer of 2014. We slept in vegan B&B Green Haven  and we ate our way through Hamburg. We are very good at that! ;) And we are good at sharing our favourite finds. So if you are planning on going to Hamburg or you are looking for a great city for a short trip, than definately read this blog about animal friendly eating in Hamburg, Germany.  [Read more…]

Review Kwajongens diner and new initiative ‘The last table’

review kwajongens diner and new initiative the last table

At the end of March we received an e-mail from Het laatste tafeltje (translation: The last table) if we were open for a collaboration. While we had heared of the name, we were not yet familiar with this new company that offers the last free restaurant tables at discount prices with a nice arrangement. The company is now active in the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe. It sounded like an initiative that is perfect for us: we love to go out to dinner, we love testing restaurants in the city and we love doing things on a budget. So of course we said yes. We were offered to try the vegetarian wine arrangement at Kwajongens Eetcafé on the Schuitendiep. On a sunny Tuesday evening in April we sat down in a still empty restaurant…  [Read more…]

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