3 great veggie food places, Rotterdam

Janets brother had the travel jitters again and went on a trip to the Philippines. That means his house in The Hague is available for us to stay in. The perfect time to visit The Hague again. This city has so much to offer. It’s a little bit of a citytrip in our own country, when we stay at his place. Despite all the fun things The Hague has to offer, we decided to also spend some time in Rotterdam: we heard it’s an upcoming city, definately worth a visit. We explored where to go for veggie food and yummy drinks. In this article we share 3 of the places we tried.
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Zutphen through our eyes

startfoto-zutphen-straatbeeld-mei2016A lovely sunny September, but May was already sunny too, remember? We decided to go on a daytrip in The Netherlands on one of these sunny days in May: Zutphen was our destination, because it has been high on our list for cities to discover in our own country for quite some time. And we had NS train tickets on a budget, so first class on our way to Zutphen it was!

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Best shopping streets The Hague

Best shopping streets The Hague intro

The last few months we’ve both been visiting The Hague regularly and we are getting to know this lovely city a little bit more ‘off the beaten track’ as Lonely Planet calls it so excitingly. From the moment we started shopping ‘differently’ (meaning we started to buy only organic, fair and more alternative (and handmade) stuff) we are not really interested in the main shopping streets with the chain stores any more. We tend to go for less busy streets with vintage shops, foreign caterers, concept stores and independant coffee spots.  [Read more…]

We love Groningen!

Groningen, Oosterstraat 2015Quite some time ago we introduced the ‘I love Groningen’ tag. Of course we nominated other bloggers to write the I love Groningen tag too and they did.  It was so much fun reading all the other bloggers’ tips about our city! So we thought it’s about time for a little summary, which we hope will make it easier for you to find information about our hometown Groningen.

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